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3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Fancy Glass Table


 When it comes to tables

Glass tables exude style and sophistication and are a beautiful addition to any home. When done correctly, this piece of furniture serves as the focal point of the dining room, patio, or sitting area. As you look to purchase a new glass table, there are a few factors to consider before you make your selection. Read on for three of our very best tips for making this decision.


Glass thickness matters for two reasons:

  1. The thicker the glass, the more weight it can hold
  2. How it looks

The range of thickness typically extends from 1/8 inch to 1 inch. Each type of glass thickness has its own benefits, but it’s best to err on the thicker side of things when it comes to tables. On the other hand, people choose the thickness of the glass based on how it looks. The thicker it is, the more of a greenish tint you will notice.

Glass Type

The amount of weight a table can hold largely depends on the glass type. Generally, table covers are made out of either annealed or tempered glass.

  • Tempered glass – Tempered glass is much stronger than other options due to how quickly it’s cooled after exposure to high levels of heat. This process is “quenching” and is what gives the glass its strength. Tempered glass is also chemically treated to prevent breaking into dangerous shards, so it’s an excellent option for businesses or homes with pets or small children.
  • Annealed glass-Annealed glass isn’t quite as strong as tempered glass but is still a very reliable solution for interior design. This glass undergoes a slower cooling process that strengthens its surface by removing internal tensions. After the annealing process is complete, the glass is ready to be cut without the risk of shattering.

Shatter Protection

A fancy glass table is beautiful, but it can shatter if not adequately cared for. Preventing yours from cracking starts the moment you choose to purchase one. As you search for the perfect item, be sure to select a glass topper with the following features:

  • If you’re planning on using it outside, make sure it’s specifically manufactured for outdoor use.
  • Check that it’s constructed from safety or tempered glass.
  • Choose a thick slab of glass with a beveled edge.

Choose Murray Glass for Stunning Glass Tables

If you’re looking for a fancy glass table for your home, the experts at Murray Glass are here for you! We offer beautiful custom glasswork to suit your needs and want to bring your dreams to life. A qualified glass tech will work with virtually any budget to create just what you’ve been imagining.

We serve cities in Northern Utah, including Salt Lake City, Sandy, South Jordan, Herriman, Orem, and more. Reach out to get started today!

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