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3 Tips to Fooling the Eye and Making Your Rooms Look Bigger

3 Tips to Fooling the Eye and Making Your Rooms Look Bigger

A common design problem people run into when decorating their house is a small space, and many homeowners would rather their rooms look bigger.

A small room can feel confining, cramped, and uncomfortable. However, there are a few insider tricks, even used by interior designers, to help fool the eye into thinking your rooms look spacious.

Continue reading to learn how to trick your eye into believing your rooms are more spacious than they actually are below.

3 Insider Tips to Make Your Rooms Appear Larger

Use the following tips to fool your eye into thinking your rooms are bigger than they really are:

1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

There may not be tons of floor space in your small room, but there is plenty of vertical space that should not be left empty. Incorporating the walls and ceiling in parts of your design can create a much more efficient space. Moreover, using vertical space, floor to ceiling, will draw your eyes upwards, making the room appear bigger.

Take advantage of the vertical space by using built-in storage shelves that reach the ceiling that draws up the eye and adds lots of storage into the room. Make the room feel even bigger by painting the shelves the same color as the walls.

2. Use Light Colors and Smart Contrasts

You can create the optical illusion of making your room appear larger by using paint. It is widely known that light-colored walls, ceiling, and trim help the space feel bigger, brighter, and airier. This is because lighter colors can reflect light better. On the other hand, darker colors tend to make a room feel smaller because they absorb light.

For the maximum effect, find a soft tone of your favorite off-white color for your walls. Use a lighter hue to paint your trim, moldings, and ceiling to create a bit of contrast. The difference in paint colors, though small, will make the walls look as if they are farther apart, making the room seem larger.

3. Incorporate Mirrors in Your Design

Adding mirrors to a small space is every designers’ go-to for making rooms look bigger since it is one of the easier ways. There are countless methods to incorporate mirrors into your design, such as mirrored closet doors, mirrored furniture, or mirrors in place of artwork (i.e., framed mirror over the dresser, ornate mirror above the headboard, a gallery wall of mirrors, etc.).

Another similar way to help rooms feel bigger is to add glass furniture and decor throughout your space. Glass pieces like a glass-topped table or desk, glass lamps, or glass shelves allow your eye to see through the objects, making the room appear larger.

Murray Glass Can Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

If you want the rooms in your house to appear bigger, contact the experts at Murray Glass. Our skilled team of professionals can help bring your designs to life with our custom glass and mirror work. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let us work with you to make your rooms feel bigger. We are proud to serve Salt Lake County, Utah, and the surrounding counties of Tooele, Summit, and Weber.

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