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4 Advantages of Commercial Glass Doors in Your Office

4 Advantages of Commercial Glass Doors in Your Office

Commercial glass doors have several qualities that make them an ideal choice for your business—specifically as interior doors and walls.

Some of the qualities glass doors inside of your commercial space offer include saving space, strength, resistance to critters and rust, and are sleek and modern looking.

Today, we are taking a deep dive into these four advantages of glass doors in your office space. Find out more about these luxurious doors below.

Four Advantages of Commercial Glass Doors in Your Office

  1. Glass Doors for Your Office Save Space— Unlike traditional wood-framed and drywall wrapped walls, glass doors and walls are not bulky and do not take up valuable square footage. Moreover, glass doors inside of your office space can make your interiors appear more open. Even the smallest commercial space will feel bigger with glass walls and doors while supplying much-needed separation and privacy for offices and conference rooms.
  2. Glass Walls and Doors in Your Commercial Space are Strong— Transparent doors are often tempered, which means they are incredibly strong, can withstand tons of pressure, and will hold up well to regular wear and tear. Many people assume that since a store or business has glass doors or walls, the glass is fragile and an easy target. However, they could not be more wrong. This durable glass is five times stronger than regular glass and does not shatter as easily. Certain types of glass, like toughened or tempered glass, can take an intense beating without breaking and pair well nicely with most alarm systems that are available on today’s market.
  3. Glass is Resistant to Critters and Rust and Other Elements— Glass is innately resistant to things like rodents, rust, wood rot, termites and other critters, rust, fire, and many other outside factors and elements. This makes glass doors a practical and cost-effective choice for your commercial space. As long as you keep your glass doors and walls clean and properly maintained, they will last for years and years and will not need to be replaced often.
  4. Get a Sleek, Modern, and Contemporary Look with Glass Doors — Glass doors and wall systems in your commercial space offer a clean, sleek, and modern look for your office or business. Adding glass doors and walls in your office will immediately update the area and give the space a much-needed facelift. Best of all, your office will stand out from all the others!

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Unless your commercial office space was designed by a contemporary and modern architect with a massive budget and lots of time, you are probably in a pretty ordinary-looking office. If you want to increase the value and look in your office, consider adding commercial glass doors to your Utah office space with the experts at Murray Glass. We service residents and commercial customers in Salt Lake City, Spanish Fork, Ogden, Heber City, Tooele, and everywhere in-between. Contact our experts for a free estimate today!

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