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4 Benefits of Glass Tabletops

4 Benefits of Glass Tabletops


Glass table tops and shelving trump nearly every other surface, including wood and stainless steel. Technically, glass is also a porous material but it won’t slurp up stains like wood, leather or cloth—and with a simple glass sealant, it can be made virtually pore-less. However, the inability to stain is just one of the many benefits of choosing a glass tabletop.

Here are just a few of the reasons why glass is the best choice for “laying the foundation” when it comes to your dinner parties, epic homework helping sessions or displaying your treasures from vacations past:

1. Glass creates the illusion of more space

You already know that lighter colors present the illusion of more space. However, nothing compares to clear or transparent materials. Think about it. What would make a dining room look larger: A table with a glass top, or one with a solid, colored top? You already know the answer, and space is scarce and in-demand no matter what the square footage of your home.

2. Glass goes with anything

Can’t seem to quite match or complement your myriad of colors, patterns, grains and styles in each room? It’s a challenge even the most skilled interior designers struggle with, but consider glass the great equalizer. It truly goes with everything, kind of like diamond stud earrings or a simple gold watch. This is one time that making a design choice won’t have you second guessing yourself (or facing an update in a few years).

3. Glass shows off flooring

Whether you just refinished classic wood floors or you want to show off a brand new area rug, glass tops let you do that. Flooring takes up a lot of real estate, and you may have spent a pretty penny choosing just the right stains and material. And those area rugs? They’re great accent pieces, but not if they remain hidden. Glass doesn’t just let you reveal your flooring—it serves as a highlighter for it.

4. Glass is easy to clean

All it takes is a little Windex (or you’re preferred homemade, organic glass cleaning product), a swipe with a newspaper in lieu of a cloth and you have a streak-free shiny finish. Some people think glass shows spills, sticky messes or other “problems” more so than other materials. However, just because you don’t easily see a mess on wood or other materials doesn’t mean it’s not there. Glass tops actually make it easier to see where spills are so you can clean them in a snap.

Finally, there’s the cost issue. Compared to many other materials, glass is a lot more affordable and relatively easier to have customized. It’s durable and solid, but if it does happen to break it’s simple to replace. Let the crowning jewel of your tables be a first “​glass” act for easy, affordable and gorgeous appeal.

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