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4 Glass and Mirror Shop Services

4 Glass And Mirror Shop Services

Most people don’t think about glass and mirror shop services — until they need them. In an ideal world, you’ll never need to have your glass or mirrors repaired, serviced or professionally maintained.

Most people don’t think about glass and mirror shop services — until they need them. In an ideal world, you’ll never need to have your glass or mirrors repaired, serviced or professionally maintained.However, even the toughest of glass and mirrors aren’t foolproof. Mistakes happen, mirrors are dropped during moves and getting a little too into your shower karaoke session might result in cracked glass. The cost of new glass or mirrors varies greatly depending on the size of the break/crack and the quality of the materials. When it comes to repair or replace, it might be more cost-effective to repair in many cases.

There’s also the sentimental value. If you have a hand mirror that was passed down to you from your grandmother, repair is probably the only option for you. Before calling glass or mirror damage a lost cause, check with your shop to see if a piece can be saved. Sometimes what looks like a major crack to you is actually a relatively easy fix. Experts may not be able to work miracles, but it can seem like it when they have the latest technology at their fingertips.

Do you think you’re in need of superior glass and mirror shop services? Here are just a few things they may be able to do:

  • Repair cracks: It’s not necessarily the size of the crack, but the severity and type of glass or mirror that’s important. Size doesn’t always matter, especially when it comes to this kind of damage. In some cases, it might be a fast, easy and affordable fix — particularly if the glass or mirror is mobile (and you can take it into the shop). Not only are repairs sometimes more cost-effective for you, they’re also greener.
  • Revive old pieces: Both glass and mirrors can turn ashy or get a melted look over time. Some people adore the unique character this process lends, but other times it’s a nuisance. If you want your glass or mirrors restored to like-new condition, depend on the experts. You can find many hacks online, but bear in mind that both mirrors and glass can be made from a variety of materials. Choosing the wrong DIY solution can do more harm than good.
  • Recommend repairs vs. replacements: If you’re not sure whether repairing or replacing is in order, ask the experts. A reputable professional will put your needs first and recommend the best solution for you — not the most lucrative one for them. Plus, they understand the nostalgia aspect and will do everything possible to save a piece that’s meaningful to you.
  • Restore missing pieces: Sometimes it’s not a crack, but a chip. That one nick, even if it’s little, can be all you look at. Restoration is often possible.

Contact Murray Glass, your local glass and mirror shop, today and find out if your piece can be saved.

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