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4 Great Locations for Glass Walls & Doors

4 Great Locations For Glass Walls and Doors


Glass walls and doors can provide the perfect balance of privacy and openness, both in residences and commercial spaces. While there are some places where they just don’t make sense—like bathroom walls—many people are surprised by just how many spaces are actually a great match for glass. From etched glass that provides a little more privacy to clear glass that offers an unhindered view, the options are limitless.

Is the installation or upgrade of a glass door or wall for you? Check out these fantastic hotspots for glass that can increase the value of your home, the perceived value of your business or offer a completely remodeled look to your space. This is first “glass” treatment all the way:

1. Between Public Rooms

Think of the wall between your kitchen and dining room, or the wall separating the living room and solarium. Every “public space” doesn’t need that closed off feeling a solid wall gives. However, solid walls are great if you may want to diminish noise so that the person watching television in the den doesn’t disturb the student hunkered down at the kitchen table. Glass walls can instantly make your square footage seem larger and encourage socialization.

2. As a Half Wall for Safety

Instead of guard rails, consider installing half walls made of glass. They lend a futuristic and streamlined look to any home or office. Plus, they’re easier to keep clean than intricately designed wrought iron, and there’s no risk of small children falling through slats. As an added bonus, it gives you an unhindered view of what’s below.

3. As an Entryway to a Public Room

From the pantry to the break room, there’s something inherently inviting about a glass door. It lets whoever comes knocking know that the door is proverbially always open, guaranteeing hospitality without the need for a host. It’s also a great way to let people see if they’re headed in the right direction—which means no more embarrassing walk-ins when somebody is searching for the file room and accidentally stumbles into a sensitive meeting.

4. Throughout the Bathroom

A half wall that separates the steam area from the vanity dresser is a great addition to the supersized bathrooms that are all the rage. Since bathrooms are an area that’s high in moisture, the options for materials are slim. Plus, the steam makes for an easy glass wipe-down cleaning on the go.

Glass is an often overlooked wall and door option that offers plenty of perks. Anyone who wants more space, more brightness and a more welcoming vibe should take a closer look. Are you skipping past the obvious solution?

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