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4 Times You Need 24-Hour Emergency Glass Service

4 Times You Need 24-Hour Emergency Glass Service

You never know when you’ll need 24-hour emergency glass service, but if Murphy’s Law is in full effect, it’ll be at the most inopportune time. You don’t need windows repaired or replaced only during banker’s hours — in fact, replacement of windows, shower glass and other hot-ticket items is most in demand during off hours.

You want to make sure your home or business is protected from nighttime prowlers and the elements, and you want to be able to shower after your 5 a.m. spin class without worrying about stepping on broken glass. When glass breaks, you deserve immediate assistance, and that’s just what 24-hour emergency glass service offers.

Sometimes you just can’t wait until the glass repair shop opens. Here are a few instances when after hours glass services saved the day (and the peace of mind of homeowners and shop owners):

  • In the winter: A neighborhood kid’s wayward ball came smashing through your bedroom window. His parents have already assured you they’ll pay for the damages, but that does little to keep you warm during a blustery December night. Going without glass wastes energy, money and can even be life-threatening, depending on the weather.
  • When it’s business glass: Your business might house inventory, expensive equipment and sensitive documents. Unfortunately, criminal activity tends to attract more criminal activity. That’s why you notice graffiti spreading quickly once a previously clean area has been tagged. Taking care of business also means taking care of broken glass immediately.
  • When you’re trying to sell/rent property: Nothing screams “this is a dangerous neighborhood” like damaged glass. If your property is for sale or rent, you might lose a great buyer or tenant without even knowing it. Savvy buyers check out properties and neighborhoods at night to gauge what the real vibe there is. If they notice damaged glass, they might hightail it to an area that looks a little safer (and better kept).
  • In the summer: Much like protecting yourself from winter weather, in some regions, the summer is no safer. Insulated glass keeps cool air in and mosquitoes out. A blistering summer is a terrible time to go without a window, especially if you’re heavily dependent on your air conditioner. Just one night of poor, sweaty sleep can affect your health and mood for days.

However, the real time you need glass services is simply when you notice damaged glass. It’s always better to act quickly and get these repairs taken care of as they occur. In Utah, Murray Glass is the leader for around-the-clock glass repair. Contact the experts 24 hours a day to schedule emergency glass service.

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