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4 Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

4 Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Many people love decorating with mirrors in their homes, apartments, offices, and any other space that needs decor.

There are various ways to use mirrors in your interior design, but correctly using them can be tricky. Mirrors are the perfect accessory to enhance a space, add a decorative touch, and help a room feel bigger and brighter if used well. Today, we’re giving you four insider tips that will make the most of the mirrors used in your house.

Continue reading for four tips for personalizing your space with mirrors.

Pro Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Do you want the mirrors in your home or office to look like they were professionally placed? Here are four tips that will make your space look like a professional interior designer designed it:


Generally speaking, you should always hang mirrors at eye level. Of course, “eye-level” is not a fixed measurement or number. No, it is a bit more abstract than that. So, we say hang your mirror, so the center is between 55” and 65” from the floor. However, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if you are hanging a mirror above a couch, console table, or other pieces of furniture, you should allow 8” to 12” of space between the bottom of your mirror and the top of your sofa. Additionally, if you are using several mirrors for a gallery wall, this rule does not apply.


When using mirrors in your decor, it is important to keep scale in mind. The mirror should fit the space; not too big, not too small. Generally speaking, solo hanging mirrors should be two-thirds the size of the wall on which it is hanging, or two-thirds the size of the piece of furniture that it is above.


As you hang mirrors in your home, think about what the mirror will reflect. Will it add visual interest or take away from the space? Before you put a nail in the wall, make sure to reflect.


If the mirrors you are using in your house are heavy, you may want to consider letting professionals handle the delicate installation. However, if you prefer to do the job yourself, make the job easier by using a laser or bubble level and marking the placement on the wall with a pencil to ensure straight lines. You can also ensure straight lines by using wall hangers or hooks on each end

Contact Murray Glass

Before you begin decorating with mirrors in your home or office, you need high-quality mirrors from Murray Glass. We supply homes and businesses all along the Wasatch Front with the best mirror brands and manufacturers, including local companies. Our custom mirror services allow you to bring your unique vision to life.

When you work with our technicians, you choose high-quality mirrors for your home or office space in Salt Lake City, Tooele, Summit, Weber, and Utah County in the state of Utah. Contact our experts today to see what we can do for you!

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