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5 Creative Places To Use Glass Doors

5 Creative Places To Use Glass Doors

Glass doors are a popular choice for a patio or back door since they give you a great view into your backyard. It’s always nice to see how the kids are playing or to keep an eye on your dog before he digs too deep a hole. But have you considered using glass doors in other areas of your home? There are so many rooms that could benefit from a glass door over a traditional door, and today we’d love to talk about those benefits for your home.

At Murray Glass, we’re passionate about getting creative with our high-quality glass products. We love using glass in new and interesting ways, and to make your home more functional and beautiful.

Take a look at a few of our ideas for using glass doors in new ways and see if a glass door is an easy, painless fix to liven up your space. The 5 Creative Places to Use Glass Doors are:

1. The Pantry.

While unexpected, using a glass door for your pantry can completely transform your kitchen space. The glass door creates the illusion of more space and also makes it very easy to quickly see into your pantry for at-a-glance grocery list creation. In addition, using a glass door for your pantry helps keep your pantry more organized because it isn’t hiding behind an opaque door.

2. A Linen Closet.

We love replacing your boring linen closet door with a glass door option because it makes your home look like a magazine spread! Switch out your normal door for a glass door, grab a few pretty baskets, and maybe a fresh coat of paint or accent wallpaper and suddenly your plain hallway becomes a beautiful focal point.

3. Your Closet.

Whether your closet is a spacious walk-in or a sliding door cabinet, glass doors add a luxurious touch that makes it feel like a fancy boutique. Glass doors allow you to display your beautiful clothing and shoes like art while motivating you to stay organized and clean. Rope lighting can make it even more designer.

4. A Master Bathroom.

It might sound like a total lack of privacy, but hear us out. Bathrooms are often dark and cave-like. It doesn’t matter much if it’s just a powder room, but a bathroom where you’re going to spend more time – like your master bathroom – needs better lighting. A glass door provides light and space but doesn’t have to compromise your privacy. Frosted glass allows light without visibility, or a roman shade can bring additional colors and textures to an otherwise boring bathroom.

5. The Laundry Room.

The laundry room is often a small, cramped room lacking a window or natural light of any kind. Swapping the door for glass opens up the entire space, without needing a huge remodel. You can still close the door to keep kids and pets out but allow for visibility.

Glass doors are such a quick and painless way to update an entire room and improve flow throughout your home. Call Murray Glass to increase the natural light and fresh feel in one of your rooms today!


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