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5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

Shower doors might not be the most obvious of holiday gifts, but think about it. If you’re considering them as a gift this season, it’s probably because the intended recipient has been complaining about ugly, old or even broken doors for a while.

A bathroom should be an escape and an oasis, but it’s pretty tough to Zen out when your shower doors are decades old, shaky or even cracked or broken.

Shower doors are a thoughtful and useful gift.

But they’re pretty hard to fit under the tree. Gift them by wrapping a shower door catalog, or put pictures in a card.

Unless you know the exact type the recipient wants, along with the dimensions, it’s best to leave the final details up to him or her. A card detailing the specifics of what you’re gifting, such as frameless versus nonframeless or sliding versus nonsliding, will help curb any uncomfortable conversations about money when it comes time to choose.

Consider these benefits:

1. They can dramatically increase a home’s value. The kitchen and bathroom are both hot spots in the home where luxury is in high demand. Regardless of whether the recipient plans to sell at some point, helping to improve the home’s value is thoughtful.

2. The right shower doors can make bathrooms look bigger and brighter. The clearer the doors and the less hardware — including framing — the more room and light you get. Although rain-style glass is still available, its heyday is over, because homeowners realized they can make rooms look small and dingy.

3. Customize your privacy. Maybe the recipient wants crystal-clear shower doors, or partial opaqueness for a little more privacy. As families grow, especially with children, privacy needs change.

4. Shower doors can be a bathroom’s focal point. Cabinets and countertops can help make bathrooms more luxurious, but shower doors can be a real statement. Upgrading to new doors can really give a bathroom that wow factor it’s missing.

5. You’re helping the recipient relax. Everyone deserves a bathroom that’s relaxing and rejuvenating, and serves as a slice of paradise at home. Shower doors as a gift show people that you care about their well-being and want them to feel pampered at home.

Shower Door Deliveries from Santa

They might not fit in the sleigh, but Santa can certainly team up with your local Utah shower door company to arrange for quick delivery and professional installation. Help the recipient ring in the New Year with the ultimate holiday gift they’ll enjoy for many years. Call Murray Glass for brochures, catalogs and more information on shower doors, and for help with putting together a legendary holiday gift package.

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