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5 Ways Windows Protect Your Business

5 Ways Windows Protect Your Business

Your business likely has windows, whether it’s an office space, retail shop or industrial warehouse. Windows make for great curb appeal, but they’re good for much more than aesthetics. They also help safeguard your business, employees and customers. If you wanted a fortress, you could mimic a data center and have no windows at all. The same goes for casinos, but these businesses forego windows in order to prevent the customers from realizing just how long they’ve been at the tables. Since the majority of businesses don’t fall into this category, windows are usually an integral part of your commercial space.

Here are a few ways, beyond the obvious, that windows increase your space’s safety:

1. UV Protection:

Add even a minor tinted film to commercial windows, and you’re giving your employees, customers and vendors a dose of vitamin D without the harmful UV rays. Tints can also help cut down on the amount of heat from the sun infiltrating windows and reduce visibility from the outside (most criminals are opportunists, and if it’s tough to see what’s in a building, it’s much less appealing).

2. Fire Exits:

There’s a (legal!) reason only some buildings are allowed to have no or minimal windows. If a door is blocked during a fire, how will those inside escape? The more windows you have, the more emergency fire exits you have. Double your efforts by making sure all employees know the fire escape plan and check your fire extinguishers for easy access.

3. Mental Health:

That sunlight that comes in, the ability to check out what’s happening outside and the general feeling of not being locked in are all good for your mental health. Even part-time employees can go a little stir crazy in a cubicle farm. You love having windows in your home for the same reason. Give your employees a good view, and they’re more likely to enjoy coming to work.

4. Financial Health:

Is someone more likely to come in to your business when they see a gorgeous display in the window or a banner for your new autumn line? The answer is obvious. Having windows can boost your sales, profits and margins. This is especially true if you’re located on a busy street and depend heavily on foot traffic. Just make sure the windows are clean and maintained.

5. Room to Grow:

Obviously, adding windows makes any space look larger. This encourages actual growth within your business, too, since humans have a natural tendency to want to “take up space.” An open space encourages brainstorming, the desire to grow and a thriving community.

Not all windows are created equally, and regular maintenance can make a huge difference. Window upgrades can help with insulation while lowering utility bills, improving UV protection and seriously upping your curb appeal. Contact Murray Glass, Utah’s local business glass experts, for a commercial glass upgrade or maintenance.

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