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5 Windows to Add Style to Your Home

5 Windows to Add Style to Your Home

In today’s world, there are a hundred homes that look a lot like yours. If you live in a developer built community, your whole neighborhood might be slight variations on the same floor plan. How can you add more style, character, and variety to your home? This is essential if you want to sell your home in a neighborhood of similar homes, or if you’ve grown bored and boring in your basic, builder-grade home.

Of course, you can turn to paint or backsplash to update your home, but if you’re serious about adding character to your home you need to go a little further. You don’t need a full scale to remodel, though. Murray Glass can help you introduce some serious style into your home by adding a new style of window.

5 Windows to Add Style to Your Home

  1. Picture Window. Probably the most popular styled window is a stationary, fixed picture window. These windows can be any size or shape and feature fixed, clear and plain glass to give you the very best view. Circular picture windows can be interesting, as can rectangular or other shapes to add new looks.
  2. Transom Window. A transom window is a small window above an existing window or door designed to bring in more light or air flow. A transom can be a simple square or rectangle matching the shape and size or the window or door it’s hung above, or it can be more decorative and inventive depending on your taste.
  3. Bay Windows. Our personal favorite way to update a window area is to create a bay window. By adding in a bay window you not only get great light and views, but you also add in extra space. Bay windows are an excellent addition to a front room, a master bedroom, or to create a breakfast nook.
  4. Garden Windows. Like a bay window, garden windows protrude from the exterior of the home. A garden window is designed to get a lot of light but to protect your plants from exposure outdoors. Garden windows work best when they’re located on a side of your home that receives a lot of natural light throughout the day. Garden windows can range from small to large, depending on how much space you have or how large your plants may be.
  5. Awning Windows. Awning windows tilt outward in small angles. They work best in rectangle shapes and can be excellent for small spaces. Awning windows are good options for homes with children, since they don’t fully open to being dangerous, as well as areas with lots of precipitation since the angled windows can be opened for fresh air without bringing in the rain.

Take a look at the windows or boring walls in your home. Could you benefit from adding an interesting window to the space? Whether it’s for style, increased light, better airflow, or just more interest, Murray Glass can create something incredible in your home.

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