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6 Reasons to Install a Skylight in Your Home or Office

6 Reasons To Install A Skylight In Your Home Or Office

Maybe installing a skylight is on your wish list, and you’re looking for great reasons to get this project done. Or maybe you’ve never considered a skylight as an option, but are open to anything that will finally let in some natural light!


Homeowners opt to install a skylight — whether in the home or office — for six main reasons.

1. Spend Less on Electricity

Natural light is the best light source — and it’s free. Installing a skylight automatically brightens up the darkest spaces, even on cloudy days.

It’s smart to depend on daylight. Solar is a resource that never runs out, and will allow you to avoid using electric lights until nighttime.

2. Reduce Cooling System Use

Don’t install just any skylight; install one that ventilates your room. You’ll get natural light and a breeze. When hot air rises, it will slip right out of your open skylight and allow you to run your cooling system and whole-house fan less frequently.

3. Defeat Mold and Mildew

Mold needs darkness in order to flourish. Letting in the sunlight, especially in a moist, dark space like a tiny bathroom, is one of the best ways to keep mold away.

Mold and mildew growth isn’t good for your home. It can cause respiratory problems and a host of other health issues.

4. Spruce Up Your Space

As a rule, home buyers are attracted to homes with a lot of natural light. If you’re thinking about selling one day, a skylight can drive up your home’s value, especially if it transforms a dark living space.

Even if you’re staying put, you’ll increase your — and your guests’ — enjoyment of your home. Natural light makes a space visually appealing, highlighting architectural details, colors and design.

5. Get Natural Light While Maintaining Privacy

For those debating between adding more windows versus installing a skylight, consider your privacy. Windows require curtains or blinds to keep prying eyes away, and that makes it dark. Skylights provide both privacy and unfiltered daylight.

6. Feel Better, Live Better

Sunlight is proven to boost mood and health. Vitamin deficiencies are cured with exposure to UV rays. Studies show workers perform better in offices with plenty of daylight. Lower your anxiety and your stress level, and get out of the dark!

Murray Glass, a premium glass supplier, is the area’s most trusted contractor for installing a skylight in your home or office. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our high-quality products.

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