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6 Signs Your Store Front Glass Needs Repair

Storefront Glass with open sign displayed in window.

Your business’s storefront glass is crucial to its first impression, security, and energy efficiency. Yet, like all building elements, it can deteriorate or become damaged over time. Recognizing the signs that your storefront glass needs repair is essential to maintaining your business’s integrity and appearance. 

In this blog, we will guide you through the key indicators to watch for that suggest your glass may require glass repair services. From minor cracks that develop into major problems to inefficiencies that spike your energy bills, understanding these signs ensures you’re able to take timely action to protect and enhance your business’s facade. 

Join us as we explore the crucial symptoms that signal the need for storefront glass repair.

Cracks and chips

When you look at your store’s glass front, look for cracks and chips. These small breaks happen because of many things, like bad weather or accidents. If the glass is cracked or has a chip, it’s important to fix it right away. Cracks grow bigger over time, and chips turn into cracks. This looks bad, could scare away customers, and is generally unsafe. 

You might use a glass cleaner to keep your windows clean, but it won’t fix a crack or a chip. If you see these problems, talk to a glass shop that provides glass repair services. 

They’ll tell you if you need a repair or a replacement window and give you the average costs. Remember, fixing a chip or crack early will save you money and help keep your store looking good and safe for everyone.

Discoloration or fogging

Is your storefront window looking less clear than it once did? This could be a sign that it needs fixing. Sometimes, windows get foggy or change color, which might mean the window can’t do its job correctly. 

Foggy windows often occur in double-pane or insulated glass units. It means the seal that keeps the air out is broken, and moisture gets between the window panes.

Discoloration happens, too. That’s when the glass changes color, and it might not look good for your store. This happened because the sun or materials in the glass changed over time.

If you see fogging or discoloration, it means your window isn’t as strong as it should be. It also means your store is losing some of the energy that should stay inside. You might need to fix or replace the window to keep your store looking great and working well.

A bakery filled with various pastries and bread, surrounded by numerous windows.

Difficulty in opening or closing

If you have trouble opening or closing your store’s doors or windows, it might be a sign that the glass needs fixing. Sometimes, the problem is with the window frame. Casement windows, awning windows, and aluminum window frames might not work right if the glass is not sitting properly in the frame.

When the glass doesn’t fit well, opening and closing the window gets difficult. Wood windows swell or shrink with the weather, which also leads to problems. For doors, if the glass is broken or the frame is bent, it gets tough to open or close them smoothly.

Here’s what to check:

  1. See if the window pane or door moves smoothly.
  2. Look for gaps or strange noises when you move them.
  3. Check if the frame looks bent or warped.

Remember, if it’s hard to use your windows or doors, it might be time to call a professional. They’ll be able to tell you if you need simple glass repair services or a replacement window or door. Fixing it fast means your store stays looking nice, and is easy for customers to come in and out.

Noticeable drafts or increased energy bills

If you stand by your store’s windows and feel a breeze when they’re closed, you have a draft — the glass or frames of your windows might be damaged. This is not good because it makes your store too cold or hot. And if your store isn’t comfy, your customers might not stay long.

Drafts also lead to higher energy bills. When cold or warm air sneaks in, your heater or air conditioner works harder to keep the temperature right. This means you pay more money for your energy, which is not what you want!

Checking for drafts is easy. Simply pay attention to these signs:

  • You feel air moving near the windows.
  • Curtains or papers move when the windows are closed.
  • You hear whistling sounds.

If you see any of these clues, your store might need window repairs to stop the drafts and save on energy bills. Call a glass shop to check your windows and fix the problem. 

Complaints from customers or staff

If you run a store, it’s important to keep an eye out for complaints from customers or staff about the front glass. They might be the first to notice issues that you’ve missed. Listen carefully when they mention things like:

  • Difficulty seeing through the glass because it’s foggy, cracked, or scratched.
  • The store feels colder near the front, which could mean the glass is not insulating properly.
  • Hearing a lot of street noise, suggesting there might be cracks or gaps in the glass.
  • Doors that are tough to open or close indicate a problem with the glass alignment.
  • Water leaking through the glass when it rains is a clear sign of gaps or breaks.

Taking these complaints seriously will help you fix problems early, keeping your store safe and comfortable for everyone.

Visible wear and tear on glass frames

Have you looked closely at your store’s glass window frames? Over time, even the strongest frames will show signs of wear and tear. It’s important to keep an eye out for visible damage. 

This happens especially with aluminum window frames or wood windows that face harsh weather. Frames sometimes get cracks, chips, or even start to warp. When you see this damage, it means your store’s glass might need some help.

Think about this: if your glass frames look old and worn, this can affect your store’s curb appeal. Customers like stores that look nice and are well cared for. So, if your frames show clear signs of wear and tear, it might be time to talk to a glass shop about repairs or even a replacement window. Remember, your store’s look is important!

Employees at workplace wearing safety gear during machine operation

Updated compliance with safety regulations

Keeping your storefront glass up-to-date with safety regulations is not only about maintaining appearances — it’s also a critical legal requirement that significantly impacts your business’s liability and insurance considerations. As building codes and safety standards evolve, it’s essential for business owners to ensure their storefront glass meets the current requirements.

Regulatory compliance

Local and national safety regulations often specify certain criteria that storefront glass must meet, such as thickness, type of glass, and impact resistance. These regulations are designed to protect patrons and employees by reducing the risk of accidents due to glass breakage.

Safety standards

Different types of businesses might have varied safety standards depending on their location and the potential risks involved. For instance, a business located in a hurricane-prone area might be required to have impact-resistant glass to withstand high winds and flying debris.

Insurance premiums

Compliance isn’t only a matter of following rules — it can also influence your insurance premiums. Demonstrating compliance can often lead to reduced insurance rates as it lowers your business’s risk profile.

Professional assessment

To avoid penalties and ensure your glass installation adheres to all current safety standards, it’s advisable to have regular inspections conducted by professionals. These experts can assess whether your storefront glass needs upgrading or replacing and can offer solutions that ensure compliance while enhancing the safety and security of your business premises.

Storefront glass repair with Murray Glass

If you’ve noticed any signs mentioned in our blog that suggest your storefront glass may need repair, don’t wait until the damage affects your business’s operations or image. 

Contact Murray Glass today. 

Our experienced team is ready to assess your needs and provide top-quality repairs to ensure your storefront is not only appealing but also secure and energy-efficient. Trust us to handle your glass repair needs with professionalism and expertise. 

Reach out to Murray Glass now, and let us help you maintain the perfect storefront. Your business deserves the best protection and presentation, and we’re here to ensure it gets exactly that.

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