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7 Benefits of Having Glass Walls in an Office

7 Benefits of Having Glass Walls in an Office

There are many advantages that come with installing glass walls and doors throughout your office space.

The business and corporate world is ever-changing in various ways. One of those ways is how the office functions and looks. Over the last decade, offices and community workspaces have undergone major facelifts, dramatic renovations, and exceptional modernizations. 

Offices from years past looked like a never-ending sea of cubicles where employees were isolated from one another and required and expected to sit for multiple hours at a time. The masses of cubicles were surrounded by dark, solid walls that did not foster collaboration or a symbiotic environment.

Today’s modern-day office looks and feels much different than those of the past. The workspaces you see now often feature areas with interior office glass walls, partitions, and doors. These areas promote a much different feeling than those dark, gloomy, cubicle-filled offices. 

More and more employers are moving away from isolation and want to give employees the opportunity to work together, interact, and enjoy the benefits of natural light seems to be the trend. 

More offices are leaning into the glass walls and doors trend for their office spaces, and for good reason! There are many advantages that come with this type of office, such as employee efficiency and productivity, updated and modern look and feel, and so much more. 

If you have an office that needs a major renovation, we will discuss seven advantages that accompany modern, glass-filled office spaces to help sway your decision. 

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Perks of Office Glass Walls Doors and Partitions

7 Perks of Office Glass Walls, Doors, and Partitions 

Above, we briefly mentioned just a few of the advantages of having glass walls and doors in an office space, but we will take a deep dive into those and several others below. Here are seven of the benefits employers and their employees can expect with glass walls and doors in their offices:

1. Interior Glass Walls, Doors, and Windows Allow Natural Light In

If a modern, open feel in your office space is your goal, allowing more natural light in can help you get there. Glass office walls and dividers will make a massive difference in terms of brightness and a spacious feel. Glass doors and walls throughout the space can also result in lower energy expenses. Since interior glass walls and doors let more natural flow, employees won’t have to turn on as many lights. Moreover, the space could feel warmer due to the sunlight pouring into it.

2. Sliding Glass Doors and Walls Are Space-Savers

If your office is tight on space, you may want to consider sliding doors and glass walls. Traditional doors and walls take up a shocking amount of space, whereas their glass counterparts do not.

Glass interior walls and doors are a great option if you are looking for a solution for a smaller office space. Not only will glass walls and doors take up less space than standard options, but glass will also provide the appearance of more space. 

Between open sight lines and flowing natural light, your office will appear much larger than it actually is — an awesome and beneficial optical illusion!

3. Glass Walls and Doors Means Happier, Healthier Employees

Quality of life and overall health of employees should be high up on every employer’s list of concerns and priorities. If you want to improve these areas in your employees’ lives, try swapping standard cubicles and walls for glass partitions, doors, and walls. 

A study recently conducted at Cornell, alongside many others, shows that employees are more likely to stay healthy when exposed to more natural light each day. This results in your staff being able to take fewer sick days and stick to working their full schedule.

There is a huge correlation between vitamin D and health. Daily exposure to natural light means more vitamin D, which means healthier people. On top of immune boost capabilities, vitamin D helps fight depression, diabetes, chronic pain, and various other health issues. 

Even employees who sit in the middle of the office can enjoy the benefits of natural light with a glass wall conference room and glass doors.

4. Natural Light Exposure Improves Work Quality

Not only does exposure to natural light improve your employee’s health, but it can also help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff. 

Moreover, glass walls, doors, and partitions allow managers to see what’s happening throughout the office floor. This will help keep your employees on task, slacking less and accomplishing the things they need to get done.

5. Glass Walls Encourage Cooperation and Collaboration

More and more employers are moving away from individualism in the workplace. Instead, we’re seeing a huge focus on teamwork and collaboration among staff members. 

Glass walls and doors in office spaces allow more face-to-face interactions each day and help cultivate a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. Offices featuring traditional cubicles and standard walls create a different environment and feel.

In addition to a sense of teamwork, office glass walls and doors enable staff members to make meaningful connections, resulting in fewer office conflicts and ultimately improving productivity. Glass partitions, doors, and walls help employees feel like they are under one roof, in one space, working together.

6. Glass Interiors Increase Resale Value

In the world of commercial real estate, glass walls, doors, and partitions can add a lot of value to your office. Workspaces with these modern designs are a lot easier to change, making customizations much more attainable for other businesses looking to lease or buy.

In many situations, companies and businesses are looking to invest in glass doors and walls in office spaces with open floor plans. A professional yet updated appearance is highly impactful and important to business owners, especially younger companies that are continually popping up all across the country.

7. Glass Walls Are Complementary, Durable, and Practical

Offices featuring glass interiors look pristine and modern for much longer than spaces with standard materials. When you opt for a company that uses high-quality products and installation methods, these fixtures are built to last. 

Office designs with glass interiors integrate very well with commercial furniture, regardless of the materials (wood, metal, fabric, etc.). Additionally, glass walls and doors are practical for workspaces. They allow enough privacy for meetings while keeping an open feel, such as a glass wall conference room.

Want to Invest in Glass Walls and Doors in Your Workplace Contact the Professionals at Murray Glass

Want to Invest in Glass Walls and Doors in Your Workplace? Contact the Professionals at Murray Glass!

If you want to enjoy the advantages that come from having glass walls, doors, and partitions in your office space, contact the experts at Murray Glass today!

Our trusted team, with more than 30 years of industry experience, is Utah’s go-to glass professional and is here to help you make your glass project dreams come to life. Whether that dream is a glass wall conference room for your workspace, a unique glass wine cellar, glass handrails, European shower doors, a custom table, or anything else, the Murray Glass team can help!

We are Northern Utah’s leading glass company and the go-to experts in the industry for all things glass in Park City, Murray, Salt Lake City, and many neighboring cities in the area.

Contact the Murray Glass team for your free estimate today.

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