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7 Reasons Why You Should Leave Broken Glass Repair to the Professionals

7 Reasons Why You Should Leave Broken Glass Repair to the Professionals

Glass windows and doors are essential in every home, but it’s best to leave broken glass repair to the professionals if they become damaged.

There are many ways the glass in your home can become damaged; flying rocks, an attempted break-in, a vicious hailstorm, or a game of baseball gone wrong are just some of the threats your windows and glass doors face daily. In most cases, the broken or cracked glass can be removed, and a new panel will be installed in its place.

When accidents happen, it’s time to search for broken glass repair professionals who can give you safe and sound solutions. Keep reading to learn seven reasons why it’s necessary to leave this repair to the professionals.

  1. A Professional Can Safely Remove the Glass

Safety is one of the main reasons you shouldn’t tackle broken glass repair on your own. Broken glass is a serious safety hazard, but professionals know how to handle it with caution. If you attempt to remove the damaged glass yourself, you’re putting yourself at risk for severe cuts or other injuries. Instead, call a trained professional to remove faulty glass panels safely without putting themselves or others at risk.

  1. Professionals Can Prevent Larger Damage

If the only harm to your glass is a small chip or crack, professionals have the skills and tools necessary to address it before it worsens. An unattended chip can cause more significant and more profound damage. These seemingly harmless discrepancies weaken the glass, making it easily susceptible to shattering, especially if it’s hit by flying debris or experiences intense fluctuating temperatures. Window glass repair services can seal off a crack or chip to stop it from growing and turning into an aggressive problem.

  1. They Know How To Install Glass Securely

Another key benefit to hiring a glass professional for your home windows and doors is that they know how to install the glass securely. A quick internet search might give you tips on how to replace glass on your own, but you run the risk that it won’t be fitted properly. 

This skill is critical because poorly fitted glass can let in robbers, insects, harsh winds, water leaks, and other undesirable elements. This can cause costly damage to the frame and window encasement and possible interior damage. Improperly installed glass can also decrease your home’s energy efficiency, leading to higher energy bills.

  1. A Professional Will Match Your Glass

A common misconception about glass is that it’s all the same since it’s transparent. There are actually several different types of glass and various colors. Many people don’t realize this, and when they replace the panes themselves, they end up not matching the other windows and doors in their home. A professional will match your existing glass for a seamless replacement that won’t diminish your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Professionals Are Certified and Insured

When you hire a glass repair company, you can rest easy knowing they are certified and insured. This means that they are accountable for providing you with effective, safe, and secure glass repair and replacement. Certification means that you can feel confident that your glass will be strong enough to keep you, your family, and your home safe. This security is too important to risk.

  1. They Have the Proper Tools

Working with glass is quite risky, especially if you lack experience. Glass repair experts have been trained in various conditions and have the proper gear and skills to get the job done safely. These professionals have top-of-the-line equipment to provide you with premium service that will save you time, money, and hassle. Not only will they follow safety guidelines, but your glass technician will also finish the job without creating further problems.

  1. You’ll Save Valuable Time

Leaving broken glass unattended poses a dangerous threat, especially if you have pets or children. If you lack glass repair experience, you can’t fully understand the timeframe it takes to complete the project. Broken glass is a serious safety hazard that needs to be addressed promptly. This is why you should hire glass repair and replacement services that will take care of the issue as soon as possible.

When To Replace Your Windows

The cracked glass will eventually require a total replacement, but how do you know when that time comes? Here are some scenarios that warrant a permanent solution:

  • If the glass damage also affects the window frame
  • If the glass is no longer encased within the frame
  • The glass has created a safety hazard
  • The crack has broken the seal on a double-pane window
  • Inoperable, rotting, or damaged exterior casing
  • You’re experiencing significant water leakage
  • You notice substantial structural problems
  • Your interior faux muntins/mullions are worn down

Why You Might Want To Upgrade Your Windows

If you have a broken pane of glass, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade the entire window. This might seem like a big and costly project, but Murray Glass makes it easy to find the right panes that will fit your budget.

Upgraded windows can offer the following features:

  • Enhanced UV protection
  • Energy efficiency and decreased energy bills
  • Reduced noise from the outside
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced cold drafts

Choose Murray Glass for Glass Repair and Replacement Services

You can’t afford to mess around when it comes to broken glass repair. Whether you need to repair, upgrade, or replace a pane of glass, Murray Glass does it all at a price you’ll love. We’re proud to provide fast project completion, premium service, and 24/7 emergency care. Our technicians know that every glass project is unique and treat it as such.

We service Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas, including Layton, Park City, Sandy, West Valley, Tooele, Draper, and more! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for all of your custom glass needs.

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