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7 Reasons You Should Invest in a Custom Glass Table

7 Reasons You Should Invest in a Custom Glass Table

If you’re searching for an elegant furniture piece, a glass table is a simple way to create a lasting impression in any room. It’s easy to picture a fragile, breakable table that you’ll want to reserve for your sitting room, but tempered glass is strong and sturdy. 

Glass has many unique attributes that make it an ideal material for a table, no matter the style of your home’s décor. Whether you prefer modern or antique, the versatility of glass is unmatched. A custom glass table is an excellent way to bring the best out of your interior design.

From look to upkeep, here are seven ways a glass table can benefit your home.

1. Visual Appeal

Unlike other furniture pieces, a gorgeous custom glass table enhances the aesthetic appeal of your dining space. Natural light shining through a glass tabletop is breathtaking. This effect, especially on sunny days, provides an attractive environment in your home. It also produces an open and airy sense, which is perfect for smaller areas.

Glass highlights the foundation material’s color, design, and attractiveness, elevating your interior décor. Because of its transparency, glass never overshadows the beauty of your room. Glass tables should be coupled with attractive dining chairs to make them stand out. An eye-catching area rug beneath your table will also give your dining room a distinct appearance.

2. Perfect for Small Spaces

Another benefit of glass tables is their ability to work in any room size. If you want to make an area appear vast and uncluttered, the transparent surface of your modern glass dining table will instantly “open up” the room. If you need more seating space, expanding options are also accessible in stores. These dining tables can have circular, oval, or traditional rectangular designs.

3. Easy to Clean

A glass table is easy to keep clean and germ-free compared to wooden tabletops. Glass does not stain or retain hazardous bacteria like other table surfaces, and spills are simple to clean up. A custom glass table may be kept sparkling and fresh with a clean cloth and a bottle of glass cleaner.

However, if this style is not for you, you can still enjoy the advantages without changing your appearance. Your wood table can have a custom glass top manufactured. The major benefit is keeping your wood surface free of scratches and stains and keeping your eating area germ-free. 

Your dining table will look brand new thanks to its glass top. Furniture is an expensive purchase; glass tops protect and look fantastic!

4. Durability

Durability is a necessity for furniture in homes with kids, and tables are no exception. Tables act as a hub in the home–homework, meals, games, and more are all held here. Glass tabletops are made to endure spills, thrown silverware, pencil shavings, and more.

Tabletops made of tempered glass increase the safety of the material. Many tables develop dents, scrapes, and other unsightly damage due to the rigors of daily use. On the other hand, glass is built to last. To protect your family if they accidentally bump against the table, create a glass tabletop with a bullnose, pencil, or other blunt-end edge profile.

5. Versatility

Nothing is more versatile than a custom table, especially if it’s glass. A custom table is like a blank canvas with so many possibilities. 

Glass can quickly transition between a traditional, modern, or informal look with just a quick switch of the table linens or settings, so you can shape glass into whatever design style you’d like. Glass also complements other room furnishings like chairs, buffets, and China cabinets perfectly.

You can use glass tables for indoor and outdoor tables, but the glass type and mounting method must be considered. Outdoor tables tend to blow away in high winds, so keep this in mind if you place a glass tabletop on an outdoor table.

With a custom tabletop, you won’t have to worry about swapping it out if you want to replace the base or chairs because glass adapts to its surroundings. A custom table made of glass is an excellent feature if you frequently like to change the look of your house.

6. Timeless

Homeowners must often choose between traditional, modern, and emerging trends because the most popular styles quickly become outdated. Glass provides a striking visual impact that lasts for years without fading.

Glass is often used in both conventional and contemporary designs to produce pieces of enduring quality. Glass can integrate with almost any architectural style or material. Introducing a few glass structures into a space allows you to breathe new life into outdated designs.

7. Many Tints and Colors

Modern dining tables’ tempered glass tops can be frosted for even more fascinating effects or colored in any hue while maintaining transparency. Overall, there are plenty of options to choose from in contemporary furniture stores.

Of course, it makes sense to consider your interior design preferences, your dining room’s proportions, and your budget before deciding to favor contemporary glass dining tables. 

Although the ultimate cost will vary depending on the manufacturer, the unit you choose, and the retailer you shop with, glass dining tables might occasionally be more expensive than their wooden equivalents.

At Murray Glass, we offer various finishes, weights, and sizes to completely customize your investment. Whether you aim to cover an oval-shaped table or a rectangle, our glass can be laser-cut to fit your specifications.

Customize Your Glass Table with Murray Glass

If you want to brighten your dining room, Murray Glass offers glass table options to meet your specific requirements. Nothing is easier to clean, lasts longer, and goes with all design styles. Our trained glass technicians will work with your budget to create exactly what you’ve pictured. Murray Glass guarantees your complete satisfaction.We service several Utah counties, including Salt Lake, Tooele, Summit, Utah, and Weber. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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