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9 Benefits of Having Glass Shelves in Your Office

9 Benefits of Having Glass Shelves in Your Office

You’ve probably seen glass shelves in many photos when looking for interior design inspiration for your business, and it’s no surprise why!

Because of its versatility, timelessness, and other benefits, glass shelving is an easy way to spruce up any office space. Continue reading to find out why investing in custom glass shelves is good for your company.

How Much Can Glass Shelves Hold?

The type of glass used greatly affects how much weight the shelf can support. Manufacturers typically use toughened glass for shelving, but there are a few varieties to watch out for. The most ideal types of glass for glass shelves are tempered and annealed.

  • Tempered – Tempered glass is much stronger than alternative materials due to how quickly it cools down after exposure to extreme heat. The “quenching” procedure is what gives the glass its tensile strength. The tension in the tempered glass is maintained in the middle while the compression is distributed to the edges.

    This indicates that the center has the greatest load capacity and should be the location of your bulkiest decorations. Tempered glass is an excellent choice for establishments or homes with pets or young children because it is chemically treated to prevent it from shattering into potentially dangerous shards.
  • Annealed – Even though annealed glass isn’t as strong as tempered glass, it’s still a very dependable option for interior design. Internal tensions are released through a slower cooling process, strengthening the surface. The glass is prepared to be cut without the threat of breaking after the annealing procedure is finished. Annealed glass is less expensive than tempered glass and offers endless customization options.

1. Strong and Safe

Because glass is considered brittle, some people might be hesitant to use it in their offices; however, office glass shelves are made to last. The brackets used for installation are specially made to add the right support, and this type of glass is toughened to withstand the test of time. In addition, tempered glass is used to make most floating shelves.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, tempered glass is a technology created to “fail safely.” This indicates that in the event of a break, the glass will shatter into manageable pieces instead of large, potentially harmful shards.

2. Not Porous

Wood is a remarkably porous material that will soak up anything, including soda that has been spilled and sauce from lunch. Even wood with a thick coat of sealant and finish is susceptible to warping.

What happens if food or drink is spilled on a shelf by you or a client and only partially cleaned up? What if you are unaware of a leak for months behind the bookcase? Rarely is warped wood salvageable and can even breed deadly black mold. When you choose glass shelving, you eliminate the worry of shelving becoming warped over time.

3 .Easy Cleaning

An advantage of glass shelving is easy maintenance and cleaning. Office glass shelves can be thoroughly cleaned by being wiped down with a quality glass cleaner. Glass cleaners typically cut through tough-to-clean residue on surfaces like wood and plastic. Shelves cleaned with glass cleaner instantly look brand new. Glass normally resists stains and keeps its attractive appearance over time.

4. Clear Visibility

The visibility of the items you display in your office is maximized by glass shelving. You spend plenty of time curating your shelving décor, so you might as well make sure they’re seen.

Glass shelves display your items in such a way that they’re always visible from any angle. You can see through the shelves so that none of your prized display items are concealed.

5. Versatile Design

Regardless of the type of design scheme you have in your office, glass shelving blends in with your current interiors. Office glass shelves are suitable for your interiors, whether your space is traditional or modern. Your shelving will complement whatever decor you place on top.

6. Better Than Metal

Perhaps metal caught your attention when looking for a non-porous and slender option for your shelves. Despite having an ultra-modern appearance, metal has a coldness that most people don’t want in their offices. It also attracts smudges and fingerprints that can be seen from a mile away.

7. Promotes Light

Other shelving materials, such as wood or metal, have a negative tendency to cast shadows, which create dark areas and obscure the light. This makes it difficult to light your displays properly. On the other hand, clear shelves do not block light, making them light and bright. Glass shelves display your items in the liveliest way.

8. Functionality

The key to having an organized workspace is having a designated area for office supplies. Any office can benefit from the functionality and style that premium glass shelving brings. Glass shelving is available in many different designs and gives a contemporary appearance.

Glass shelves can display picture frames, awards, and other items that frequently clog desktops, freeing up additional space. You’ll have more room on your desk and will feel more organized if you move these items from a desk to shelves.

9. Environmentally Friendly

While glass manufacturing produces some emissions, the process is relatively safe for the environment—especially when compared to other materials harvested for shelf construction. Furthermore, glass is recyclable, resulting in an even lower carbon footprint. Eco-friendly conscious individuals will appreciate this.

Choose Murray Glass for Custom Glass Shelves

The professionals at Murray Glass are available to assist you if you’re ready to upgrade your office with a stunning set of glass shelves! We provide exquisite custom glasswork to meet your needs and realize your vision. A skilled glass technician can design what you’ve envisioned on almost any budget.

Contact us immediately to arrange a free consultation for all your custom glass needs. We provide our services to Draper, Sandy, Midvale, West Jordan, Murray, and the nearby towns in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.

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