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A Guide to Glass Front Doors

A Guide to Glass Front Doors
Using a glass design on your front door means beauty and a boosted curb appeal. This unique material is unparalleled when to comes to design. With a beautiful and customized display of carved or colored glass in your entryway, welcoming people to your home with a work of art, you’re sure to increase the value of your home. When it comes to front doors, there are endless options for glass designs. You can adorn your door with stained glass, created an alluring design with carved glass, or go with a fogged or frosted glass for some privacy. With glass doors the options are endless, and the beauty is undeniable.


Glass doors offer a unique beauty and customization that can’t be found elsewhere. You can adorn your door with carved, stained, or privacy glass that will have your entryway looking first class. With so many options, find a design that works so perfectly for you.

Decorative glass doesn’t just provide décor, but also a level of privacy and protection. Depending on which glass you go with, you can have a glass door that is very transparent or that isn’t at all. Certain glasses are treated with heat or chemicals to increase strength, making it extremely durable.

The beauty that comes from glass is not replicable. With detail work and custom designs, you can add visual interest to an otherwise dull door, making it the focal point of your entryway. Add to your curb appeal and your home’s value with some well-designed and well-placed glass.


With glass doors, there are endless customization options. Add some color with stained glass. Or go with an intricate design with carved glass. You can also combine these two to create a completely unique and elegant work of art. Your glass door doesn’t have to be so stereotypical, mix things up and make it your own with a little (or a lot of) customization.

Carved Glass

Carved glass offers different kinds of glass carved into a design of your choosing. This popular option provides endless variety. Glass is carved into a design and style then fitting into your door, making it a one-of-a-kind piece in your entryway.

Stained Glass

For an elegant art piece as a doorway, try stained glass. Though it is commonly used in churches and museums, don’t that deter you from this beautiful material. A stained glass choice can reflect your home’s design. This option can be very versatile as there are a large variety of options, designs, and colors available. Stained glass can be used as a great accent piece to take your front door to the next level.

Privacy Glass

If you’re worried about the lack of privacy that glass provides, try privacy glass. As the name implies, it provides privacy. Usually, through frosted or blurred glass, you can have an opaque glass that gives you all the beauty and benefits of glass without the transparency.

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