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Are Glass Doors and Walls Safe?

Are Glass Doors and Walls Safe?

No matter how beautiful a design might look, we understand that safety and security are the most critical elements of glass doors and walls.

Aesthetics should never compromise safety, and fortunately, you can have both! The art of bonding glass panels creates stunning installations, but these innovative design techniques also offer a comprehensive range of security options.

Keep reading to learn more about glass doors and walls so that you’ll be ready to tackle your next building project.

Glass Doors

There are many different types of glass doors to choose from for your home and office space. You can rest easy knowing that each design is crafted with precision to ensure durability and safety. Here are three of the most popular sections to choose from:

  1. French doors – French doors are a pair of single-hinged doors that open away from each other. These doors deliver an effortless transition between rooms and spaces, so they are an excellent choice for interior and exterior use.
  1. Sliding doors – Sliding doors open sideways instead of inwards or outwards, saving space in tighter rooms. These doors allow for expansive glass walls that look stunning in any home or office space.
  1. Bi-fold doors – Bi-fold, or accordion, doors consist of a series of individual folding door panels, which can be framed or frameless. They are equipped with multiple hinged panels that fold along a still track and are pushed to one or both sides of the opening.

Glass Walls

If you’re just dipping your toes into the possibility of adding more glass to your home or business, you’ll be surprised at today’s technology and craftsmanship. There are highly advanced operable glass wall systems that can be hand-sketched to feature anything you like. 

With glass walls, you need to ensure they don’t easily crack, chip, or break with glass walls. The experts at Murray Glass are here to craft the perfect walls that are safe and secure against the elements.

Soundproofing Glass

Soundproofing is another way to make your glass doors and walls secure. It’s nearly impossible for glass to block sound entirely, but you can achieve a 90 to 95 percent noise reduction with suitable materials. All partitions are given an STC rating, which stands for “sound transmission class.” 

With an STC rating of 27, a single pane of glass isn’t strong enough to block out much noise on its own; however, when treated with proper soundproofing principles, soundproof glass has an STC rating between 38 and 50. Thick glass with a gap of air space between will help deaden the sound.

Glass Shattering

Most glass products are made of tempered glass, which has been heat-treated and cooled under intense pressure. This process makes the glass incredibly safe in the event of shattering. It shatters into smaller, duller pieces than typical glass when it breaks, making it much safer to use.

Choose Murray Glass for all of Your Custom Glass Needs

There are various types of glass doors and walls, and Murray Glass specializes in them all. For premium service, striking designs, and quality products that are safe and secure, our technicians are here for you!

We service residents and commercial customers in Salt Lake City, Spanish Fork, Ogden, Heber City, Tooele, and everywhere in-between. Reach out for a free estimate today!

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