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Are Glass Doors Safe

It’s hard to beat the sleek look of a door made from a full panel of glass, but you also need to ensure that your glass doors will keep you safe.

Due to its transparency, many assume that glass is intrusive, fragile, and unsafe. Fortunately, glass doors are just as sturdy as their competitors on the market.

Today, we’re breaking down all the reasons why glass doors are a safe and sound option for any home or business.

Safety Concerns of Glass Doors

Glass doors are absolutely stunning– they provide a sleek and modern look that transforms any space with ease. With that said, we understand that safety and security are among the most critical concerns of glass doors. 

Aesthetics should never be prioritized over safety; fortunately, you can have both! The art of bonding glass panels creates stunning installations, but these innovative design techniques offer a comprehensive range of security options.

Glass Breakage

Many clients worry about the probability of their doors breaking. Luckily, we can ease your worries. Many glass doors today are made with tempered glass. This means the glass has been heat-treated and cooled under intense pressure.
This process makes the glass incredibly safe in the event of shattering. Instead of breaking into dangerous, pointed shards, tempered glass shatters into cubic, granular pieces, making it much safer in the case of breakage.

Common Types of Glass Doors

When designing your dream glass doors, there are many options. Here are some of the most common glass door selections that will make any home or business stand out:

  • Bi-fold doors – Bi-fold doors consist of individual folding door panels. They are equipped with multiple hinged panels that fold along a still track and are pushed to one or both sides of the opening.
  • Sliding doors – Sliding doors open sideways instead of the standard inwards or outwards. This is helpful when trying to save space in smaller areas. Sliding doors allow for expansive glass walls that make any room or office look magnificent.
  • French doors – French doors are a pair of single-hinged doors that open away from each other. These doors provide the perfect passage between rooms. They are an excellent choice for wherever you need them, whether inside or outside!

The Many Benefits of Glass Doors

While designing a home or office space, glass doors aren’t typically the first element that comes to mind. A classic wood or metal door is often considered before glass, which is unfortunate because it offers several advantages.

Here are a few benefits to consider before deciding on your door material:

  • Crystal clear view – Sitting in an enclosed room or office, it can be easy to feel trapped or claustrophobic. Installing a glass door can open up the space and help with those feelings of confinement. A glass door will bring a sense of unity to your home and make you feel connected to the entire house.

    In an office setting, glass doors provide a sense of transparency. There is no need to hide behind walls; you provide the most honest and best work possible.
  • Natural light – There is something so unique and special about natural light. Natural light can bring a sense of freshness, energy, and a connection to nature that electricity alone cannot bring. When you use glass doors, you’ll allow more natural light to shine through, improving your mood throughout the day.

    Plus, the more natural light there is, the less electricity you use, lowering your power bill. Bettering your mood and saving money are two significant advantages glass doors hold.
  • Modern aesthetic – Glass doors have aesthetic value as well as practical importance. Adding a modern glass door will make your home or office feel clean, organized, and sleek to anyone who visits.
  • Low maintenance – If cleaning is your enemy, we have great news! Glass doors are very easy to maintain and clean, even in the stickiest environments. Wood doors can become warped, rotted out, and even homes to unwanted pests. Metal doors can rust and corrode over time. 

When you have glass doors, you don’t need to worry about outside forces threatening the door’s integrity. Your mind can be at ease knowing that your glass door can stand the test of time.

Aspects of Glass Doors To Consider

Now that you know more about the advantages of glass doors, here are a few items to consider before making the switch:

  • Safety – The biggest disadvantage of glass doors is that they are more like to break than a wood or metal door in some instances, even if it’s tempered glass. Glass doors should be avoided for high security areas or where projectiles are likely to strike them. 
  • Insulation – Keeping in the heat or cold air is one drawback of glass doors. They have been known to be less effective at retaining the hot or cold air from escaping. To combat this, install curtains, shades, or another cover when necessary.  
  • Weight – Large amounts of glass can be quite heavy. If your glass door is too thick, it might be liable to collapse. When installing glass doors, consider who will need to access the door. A glass expert can help you find a solution that isn’t too difficult for your children, grandparents, or yourself with an armful of groceries.

When considering glass doors, finding a company you trust is vital. There are endless benefits of installing more glass in your home but select a company wisely so you can fully enjoy those payoffs.

Let Murray Glass Design Your Dream Glass Doors

If you’re ready to enhance your home or business with stunning glass doors, the experts at Murray Glass are here to help! When you choose Murray Glass, you’ll quickly discover why we’re the clear choice for all your glass installation and repair needs. For premium service, striking designs, and safe and secure products, our technicians do it all!

We service residents and commercial customers in Salt Lake City, Bountiful, Park City, Tooele, Orem, Spanish Fork, and everywhere in-between. Reach out for a free estimate today!

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