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Are Glass Shelves Still in Style?

Are Glass Shelves Still in Style?

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of interior design, glass shelving remains a steadfast choice, merging elegance with functionality. Its enduring popularity across decades is a testament to its adaptability and timeless appeal.

Glass shelving has a unique ability to evolve with shifting style trends, ensuring its continued relevance in various design eras. This adaptability makes it ideal for traditional and contemporary spaces, offering designers and homeowners a versatile solution to enhance a room’s aesthetic appeal. For understated displays in minimalist settings or adding brightness to a space with reflective surfaces, glass shelving offers practicality and style in equal measure.

Our exploration will delve into the diverse range of glass shelving available, each type bringing its own distinct charm. From sleek, floating glass shelves that create an illusion of space to pragmatic corner glass units optimizing room corners to statement-making freestanding glass units that double as room dividers or focal points, the versatility of glass shelving is unmatched. 

This article will also touch upon the safety and durability of tempered glass, the decorative appeal of frosted and colored glass, and the innovative ways these shelves transform living and commercial spaces. In modern interior design, glass shelving is a smart, stylish choice, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The enduring elegance of glass shelving

Glass shelves have long been celebrated for their sleek appearance and ability to integrate seamlessly into various decor themes. Their charm lies in the way they balance functionality with aesthetic finesse. Unlike solid material shelves, which sometimes overwhelms a space, glass shelves bring a sense of lightness and openness, making them a favored choice in residential and commercial settings.

Diverse types of glass used in shelving

  • Tempered glass shelves
    • Description: Undergoing a process of extreme heating followed by rapid cooling, tempered glass is significantly stronger than standard glass.
    • Safety feature: Upon impact, it shatters into small, less harmful pieces, reducing injury risk.
    • Applications: These shelves are ideal for high-traffic areas where durability and safety are paramount.
  • Laminated glass shelves
    • Composition: Consists of two layers of glass bonded together with a plastic interlayer.
    • Safety and durability: Even when broken, the shards remain attached to the interlayer, offering enhanced safety.
    • Use cases: Suitable for environments where safety is a concern, such as public spaces and child-friendly areas.
  • Frosted glass shelves
    • Appearance: Frosted glass features a smooth, etched surface that diffuses light and offers a translucent finish.
    • Benefits: Excellent for hiding smudges and fingerprints, making it practical for frequently used spaces.
    • Decorative Use: Often used in bathrooms and kitchens for its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance.
  • Colored glass shelves
    • Variety: Available in a range of colors, offering the opportunity to add a vibrant or subtle accent to a room.
    • Customization: Ideal for spaces requiring a specific color scheme or a pop of color.
    • Styling: Often used in modern and artistic interior designs.
  • Etched glass shelves
    • Design detailing: Features intricate designs etched into the glass for a decorative look.
    • Unique appeal: Each piece can be customized with patterns, adding a personal touch to the decor.
    • Application: Popular in spaces that favor bespoke and artistic elements.
Shelving styles and configurations

Shelving styles and configurations

  • Floating glass shelves
    • Design: Mounted with minimal visible supports, creating an elegant ‘floating’ look.
    • Space enhancement: Ideal for compact areas, as they create an illusion of more space.
    • Modern appeal: Popular in contemporary-styled homes and offices.
  • Corner glass shelves
    • Space utilization: Designed to fit snugly into corners, maximizing space utility.
    • Versatility: Suitable for various rooms, from bathrooms to living areas.
  • Freestanding glass shelving units
    • Structure: Stand-alone units can be used as room dividers or focal pieces.
    • Flexibility: Offers the versatility of being moved and rearranged as needed.
  • Tiered glass shelves
    • Multi-level Storage: Provides multiple shelving levels for enhanced storage and display options.
    • Decor and functionality: Ideal for showcasing decorative items while serving storage needs.

The practical benefits of glass shelving

  • Aesthetic versatility: Suitable for numerous interior styles, from minimalist to eclectic.
  • Light enhancement: Reflective surfaces like glass brighten spaces, creating a more open ambiance.
  • Durability and ease of cleaning: Resistant to moisture and easy to maintain.
  • Customization options: Can be tailored in size, shape, color, and finish to meet specific design requirements.

Installation and maintenance considerations

Professional installation is recommended to ensure the shelves are securely mounted and are able to support the intended weight. Regular cleaning with appropriate glass cleaners and soft cloths will maintain the clarity and sparkle of the shelves.

Contemporary trends and popularity

Glass shelving has grown in popularity, particularly in minimalist and modern designs. The trend towards open, airy spaces in residential and commercial interiors has bolstered their appeal. Additionally, the desire to display collectibles, books, and art in a stylish manner aligns well with the functionality and aesthetic of glass shelving.

With their blend of style, versatility, and functionality, glass shelves continue to be a relevant and stylish choice in interior design. Whether in homes, offices, or retail spaces, they offer a sophisticated, clean way to display items and store essentials. The variety of types and styles available allows for creativity and customization, ensuring that glass shelving remains in style and is a preferred option for contemporary and future-forward designs.

What are the top benefits of glass shelving? 

There are several compelling reasons why someone might opt for glass shelving, each highlighting the unique benefits this type of shelving brings to various spaces:

Aesthetic appeal

Glass shelves have a sleek and modern look that enhances the aesthetic of any room. They offer a clean, minimalist design that makes a space feel more open and less cluttered. The transparency of glass allows it to blend seamlessly with any décor, making it a versatile choice for different interior styles.

Illusion of more space

One of the key advantages of glass shelving is its ability to create the illusion of more space. Unlike opaque materials, glass doesn’t block light or views, which makes rooms appear larger and more open. This feature is particularly beneficial in smaller spaces or areas that could feel cramped with traditional shelving.

Display capabilities

Glass shelves are ideal for showcasing items. Whether it’s collectibles, awards, artwork, or books, glass shelving displays them without obstruction, allowing for a full view from various angles. This makes them popular in retail settings, galleries, and homes where presentation is valued.

Durability and longevity

High-quality glass shelves, particularly those made from tempered glass, are durable and resistant to scratches and damage. They can hold considerable weight, depending on their thickness and the quality of the mounting hardware. Additionally, glass doesn’t deteriorate over time like some materials, ensuring a long-lasting shelving solution.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Glass shelves are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Unlike wood or metal, which may require special cleaners or are prone to rust and decay, glass can be wiped down with a simple glass cleaner and a cloth, making them a hygienic and low-maintenance option.

Light reflection and distribution

Glass shelves help to brighten a room by reflecting light. In spaces with limited natural light, glass shelving contributes to a lighter, airier feel by distributing light more effectively than darker, opaque shelving.


Glass shelves offer a high degree of customization. They can be cut to virtually any size or shape and finished with various edge profiles. Tinted or frosted glass options provide additional design flexibility, allowing individuals to match their shelving to their specific décor and style preferences.


Glass shelving works in a variety of settings, from bathrooms and kitchens where moisture resistance is essential to living rooms and offices where they add a touch of sophistication. Their ability to fit into different room environments and purposes makes them a highly versatile choice.

Enhances room features

When placed strategically, glass shelves enhance other design features in a room. For instance, placing them near a window allows light to pass through, or using them to display colored items can add to the room’s color palette.


Tempered glass shelving is a safer option than other materials in environments where safety is a concern, such as homes with small children or high-traffic retail areas. If broken, tempered glass shatters into small, rounded pieces rather than sharp shards, reducing the risk of injury.

Glass shelving offers a blend of functional and aesthetic benefits, making it a popular choice for those looking to combine practicality with a touch of elegance and style in their interior spaces.

Get your glass shelves from Murray Glass

Get your glass shelves from Murray Glass

Elevate your environment into a realm of sophistication and style with glass shelves’ sleek and elegant charm. Murray Glass offers you the perfect platform to display everything from your treasured keepsakes and art collections to your high-tech gadgets, all while enhancing your space with a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetic allure.

At Murray Glass, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and contemporary elegance. Our selection of glass shelves is designed to be both sturdy and stylish, perfectly encapsulating the essence of modern design. These shelves are more than storage solutions; they are a blank canvas for you to express your style and taste, transforming your space into a reflection of your unique personality and flair.

Your valued possessions deserve the spotlight. Let them bask in the glory they deserve on our top-tier glass shelves. Whether it’s a rare collection, family photos, or unique decorative pieces, our shelves ensure they grab attention and add to your space’s narrative. Immerse yourself in the world of Murray Glass, where each shelf is more than a furnishing—it’s an integral part of your home’s story and character.

Take the first step towards redefining your space with the understated luxury of glass shelving. Contact Murray Glass at 801-262-3364 or visit our website to schedule a consultation. Embrace this opportunity to bring the glass shelves you’ve envisioned to life, and let your living or workspace become a dynamic gallery of your personal journey and tastes.

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