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Best Products for Cleaning Your Mirror

Best Products for Cleaning Your Mirror

Have you ever brushed your teeth when suddenly toothpaste magically lands on your mirror? This is one of the quickest ways to turn your great morning into a miserable one. You loathe the prospect of taking care of that stubborn toothpaste stain on your day off of work. With the proper mirror cleaning techniques and products, no smudge or stain will get past you.

Cleaning your mirror shouldn’t be hard, and you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes or even seconds getting the job done.

Here are some ways to facilitate your mirror cleaning process. 

What Do I Need to Clean My Mirror? 

A streaky mirror is not a happy mirror, nor is it a clean one. Although you put in a lot of work into cleaning your mirror, if your mirror is showing streak marks, then your job is not entirely done. To adequately clean your mirror, you’ll need the following common household items:

A flat-weave microfiber cloth: Yes, it has to be a microfiber cloth precisely. Any other material will not successfully clean your mirror. This is valuable time that you’re spending on a dirty mirror, so having the right cleaning tools at hand will save you time. 

Rubbing alcohol: This is the secret to having a perfectly clean mirror. 

Cotton pad: Gather a few cotton pads. You’ll need these for the rubbing alcohol.

Glass cleaner: A typical homemade glass cleaning recipe is mixing vinegar and water, but feel free to use your cleaner or your favorite store-bought one. 

How Do I Perfectly Clean My Mirror?

Believe it or not, there’s an entire procedure for cleaning your mirror. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science, and it won’t take too much of your time. You should be able to memorize the following sequence after the first time you do it. 

Pour some rubbing alcohol onto your cotton pad. Inspect your mirror for any globs or sticky build up such as hairspray, toothpaste splatter, streaks left by water splashes, and more. Make sure that you scan your mirror up and down, from corner to corner. Rub each stain individually, one by one. Rubbing alcohol dries up fast, so be sure to act quickly. 

Spray your mirror down with your glass cleaner, and make sure that it is misted. Soaking glass cleaner will work against you and defeat the purpose of cleaning your mirror in the first place. Have you seen the long streaks that soaking glass cleaner leaves?

Are you worried about not having enough microfiber cloth to clean your mirror? A hack you can follow is to fold your microfiber cloth into quarters. This way, you’ll have four clean surfaces to work with. 

Start wiping at the top left corner and drag the cloth across until you reach the top right corner. Wipe down and make your way to the left side of the mirror. Continue this zig-zag pattern until you reach the bottom of the mirror. 

If you’re looking for quality, luxury mirrors for your home or business, Murray Glass is here to help. Murray Glass is proud to offer custom mirror options, so contact us today. 


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