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Best Sliding Glass Doors Utah


Now that summer has arrived, you may be thinking about upgrading your sliding glass door out to your patio, or maybe it’s time to get a new shower door. If you haven’t done glass door shopping in years, you might be surprised by the new, modern doors. Stay tuned to learn about which sliding glass doors are best for your home or business.

Best Patio Sliding Doors for 2020

  1. Vinyl Patio doors. A standard option most homeowners go with, vinyl, is affordable, durable, and best, won’t corrode. If you have limited space, these are great since you won’t need space to swing a door inward or outward. Tinted glass is an option that can come with colorful exterior frames and match the style and design of your home. For a unique look, install metallic interior handles.
  1. Black Framed Patio Doors. These types of doors are trending now — particularly when you match both the exterior and interior. They pair nicely with a Farmstyle or contemporary home for a classic look.
  1. Moving Glass Walls. For a conversation starter and a way to make a statement with indoor-outdoor living, you can’t go wrong with these ultra-modern designs. When closed, you can enjoy the natural sunlight and view; when open, it propels people to venture outside. With aluminum or aluminum-clad wood frame, your glass door can be a dramatic upgrade.
  1. Fiberglass Patio Doors. Built to last and a superb choice, fiberglass doors expand and contract minimally with temperature changes in the weather, making them an energy-efficient alternative. Durable and resistant to rotting, they are a dream for homeowners that need low maintenance sliding glass doors. Choose either swing or sliding door styles.
  1. Aluminum Patio Doors. With narrow frames and a sleek, modern look, aluminum expand the amount of glass you can have. In several colors, aluminum frames are virtually maintenance-free, plus, they are less costly than other window frame materials. For an energy-efficient option, go for thermal design.

Glass Designs 

Now that you have sliding glass door options, consider personalizing them with etched designs that fit your home decor, personality, or style. For example, in a bathroom, you can etch a floral design for a traditional yet stylish look. For a more modern look, engrave your shower door with clean lines or other the family crest. 

For a patio glass door, frosted glass or a country scenery may be your style or a textured design with a squared or diamond look. The options are endless.

For Sliding Glass Doors, Contact Murray Glass

Whatever you choose for your sliding glass door, know that Murray Glass specializes in the highest quality glass. Our experts glaze, cut, and install masterpieces of beauty. Contact us for a consultation and let us create a work of art for your patio, bathroom, or any other area you desire. We serve Salt Lake City and beyond.

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