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Can Just the Glass be Replaced in Windows?

Can Just the Glass be Replaced in Windows?

Windows play an essential part in your home and are a major investment, but can the glass be replaced?

In addition to letting in plenty of natural light into your home, good quality windows can help cut down exterior noise and utility bills. Unfortunately, between natural disasters, intruders, and unlucky mistakes, the glass in windows can break. If the glass in your windows is damaged, you may be wondering if you can just replace the glass or if you need to replace the entire unit.

Continue reading to find out.

Options for Replacement Window Glass

Depending on the problem with your windows, there are a few options for replacing your window glass. If the glass pane is cracked, a professional glass repair specialist can remove the damaged pane and use an insulated glass unit (IGU) to replace it.

For IGU replacements, the broken window pane is removed, and the frame is cleaned and fixed up. Once the frame is ready, the IGU can be placed and sealed. Thanks to the seamless caulking and weather stripping, drafts will be stopped in their tracks, and the window will be good as new — not to mention, replacing just the pane is much more cost-effective than replacing the entire window.

When is it Necessary to Replace the Window?

In some instances, replacing the entire window frame and glass is your best option. Window replacement technology and windows themselves are much more advanced. Today’s windows feature improved security latching, vinyl construction, solar protection, sealants and are more durable and efficient. Sure, replacing entire windows is more expensive, but sometimes a window is not worth saving, for example:

  • When wooden frames begin to rot
  • Windows nearing the end of their lifespan
  • Broken seal or muntins (the dividers found in windows)

Protecting Your Investment

Windows are a significant investment for your home. Here are a few ways you can protect them:

  • Use Caution — When you are near your windows, especially outside, make sure to practice caution. Use ladders carefully and play toss or frisbee away from your home if possible.
  • Keep Your Windows Clean — One reason people love vinyl windows is that they are very low maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to clean them periodically. In addition to keeping the glass clean, keep the tracks and other parts of your window clear of dirt and grime.
  • Regular Inspection — Take a moment a few times yearly to examine your windows. Check out the frames and glass, and look for signs of moisture and leaks.

Contact Murray Glass

Determining whether you need replacement glass or replacement windows can be tricky, and perhaps just the glass may need to be replaced. So the experts at Murray Glass are here to help. We’re the premier mirror and glass repair company located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We proudly service areas between Utah, Weber, Summit, and Tooele, Counties. We are dedicated to doing everything possible to salvage your glass or mirror to make it good as new. For fast and premium service with convenient hours — we’re even available 24/7 for emergencies — contact our specialists for a free estimate today.

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