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Can My Glass Table Handle Heat?


A glass topper is a striking crowning jewel for any table, but it’s important to know if your glass table can handle heat before you begin using it.

Regular glass may break once exposed to extreme heat, but tempered glass is a much safer choice when it comes to handling hot items. Before investing in a stunning table topper, you should understand how to properly care for it. Keep reading to learn our best tips and tricks for keeping your investment in tip-top shape for years to come.

Shattering Concerns

Glass is an excellent way to make your furniture shine. Its transparent nature opens up rooms, but some people have reservations about its ability to shatter. Fortunately, tempered glass can withstand heat, so you don’t need to worry about placing warm serving dishes in the center of your dinner table.

Shattering happens when glass is exposed to sudden or extreme temperature changes. This causes expansion and contraction at a rate that can ultimately cause shattering and cracks. Another reason glass might shatter is if one area suddenly becomes much hotter than the other. Glass might not shatter immediately, but over time, consistent thermal stress can weaken it to the point where any pressure could cause it to break.

How to Prevent Shattering

There are several ways to care for your investment and help your glass table handle heat. Here are a few tips to prevent shattering:

  • Choose a table that is constructed out of safety or tempered glass
  • If you’re using it outside, make sure that it was specifically manufactured for outdoor use
  • Choose a thick glass with a beveled edge
  • Position your table out of direct sunlight
  • Take heat-protectant measures such as using a PVC tablecloth, coasters, a trivet, table mats, or hot pads under very warm items

Other Reasons Glass Might Break

Glass tables are known for being resilient against everyday wear and tear, so it’s always a little surprising when they break. In addition to thermal stress, here are a few other factors that can damage your glass tabletop:

  • Heavy loads that exceed the recommended weight limit
  • Imperfections in the frame that cause the top to shift
  • A poorly manufactured frame that causes the glass to bind to it
  • Excessive nicks or scratches that weaken the tension
  • Carelessness when lifting or moving the table
  • Sitting or standing on the glass surface
  • Cleaning the surface with abrasive substances that scratch the glass

Proper maintenance and caution can help your beautiful tabletop last a lifetime.

Choose Murray Glass for Stunning Glass Tables

For the perfect glass table that can handle heat, the experts at Murray Glass are here for you. We offer beautiful custom glasswork to suit whatever your needs may be and want to bring your dreams to life. A qualified glass tech will work with virtually any budget to create just what you’ve been imagining.

We serve cities in Northern Utah, including Salt Lake City, Midvale, South Jordan, Lehi, Orem, and more. Reach out to get started today!

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