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Can You Put Glass Shower Doors on a Tub?

Can You Put Glass Shower Doors on a Tub?

Installing glass shower doors over a bathtub has become a popular way to add an accent to any bathroom, stop water from damaging the floor, and more.

Frameless glass doors aren’t exclusively for showers, and there are several great reasons to install them around your bathtub. Continue reading to find out more about how enclosing your tub with glass is a worthwhile idea.

Glass Shower Doors Are Splash-Proof

It’s nearly impossible for children to take a bath without splashing puddles all over the floor, and it can even be difficult for adults to avoid dripping water as they step out too. For this reason, we recommend installing shower doors around your tub to contain the splash zone, reduce slips and falls, and prevent mold and mildew from breeding on your floor and baseboards. This solid barrier is an effortless way to contain unwelcome water and keep it where it belongs- in the tub.

Glass Is Easy to Clean

While shower curtains can be fun to decorate with, they are much harder to keep clean than glass shower doors. The luxury of sliding a curtain to hide your tub is nice, but they are merely a haven for mold to grow. Their folds can be difficult to wipe clean, and they hold much more water than glass. Shower curtains must be thoroughly maintained to prevent mold and mildew from growing, but glass doors can be disinfected within minutes. Additionally, recent studies show that particular shower curtains contain several toxic chemicals that can be highly hazardous.

Glass Enclosures Hold in Heat

If you or your family members like to take baths, you understand how frustrating it can be to keep the water warm. Even if you start with steaming hot water, it doesn’t take long to get chilly. Frameless glass doors are an easy way to resolve this issue, ensuring that you never have to shiver through a cold bath again.

Glass Shower Doors Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Glass offers a clean, modern, and sleek look to any ordinary bathtub. These doors also have a way of making your bathroom look brighter, more open, and uncluttered. If you’re looking for an easy way to make a big difference in terms of aesthetics, glass shower doors might be the solution you’ve been searching for. Murray Glass has various styles and selections of glass doors to bring your vision to life.

Choose Murray Glass for Glass Installation

If you want to transform your bathroom with glass shower doors, call in the professionals at Murray Glass for fast and premium service. Our technicians understand that every glass project is unique and will treat your installation as such. In addition, when you work with us, you can rest assured that a one-year warranty backs our products and services.

We service residents and commercial customers in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Orem, Ogden, Heber City, Tooele, Spanish Fork, and everywhere in between. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

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