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Commercial Glass Repair Musts

Commercial Glass Repair Companies Must Do Before Hiring


Commercial glass repair differs from residential repair in several ways. Commercial glass has multiple functions, including keeping employees and visitors safe, serving as a focal point to bring more business to your company, and providing security, like glass storefronts reinforced to keep burglars out.

If you own commercial property and need glass repair, there’s no room to procrastinate. Like attracts like, and an issue like a big crack in a storefront window can lead to vandalism and an instant decrease in the value of your business.

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your repairs, especially if your glass is customized for business use. Glass that’s extra sturdy, customized, equipped with a sealant or film, or etched or detailed is much more challenging to repair.

Ideally, businesses should research a local commercial glass repair expert and build a relationship before they need an urgent repair. Otherwise, it’s too convenient and tempting to choose the first repair shop you find.

Common Commercial Problems

In a home, it’s feasible to have a stunning display case where items are only touched when you dust. That’s not the case in a commercial space. Employees and customers alike might be constantly touching the glass, not being careful with it or accidentally breaking it. Commercial is a much more aggressive environment, and no matter how high the quality of your workers and customers, nobody is going to handle your glass with kid gloves like you do.

Chips and cracks are unfortunately a common occurrence in commercial spaces. Plus, businesses face higher levels of vandalism and burglary attempts, particularly if a majority of the access points are glass. Commercial glass exposed to higher traffic, and hiring a cleaning service that prioritizes its preservation is a good move, as is focusing on eco-friendly cleaning services, since those cleaning materials are much gentler than chemical-laden alternatives.

Your Must-Have Checklist

When you need commercial glass repair (it’s likely not an if), keep a few necessities in mind:

  • Location: The glass repair shop should be local and offer reasonable on-site services if applicable. You can’t always bring in your damaged product, so you may need on-site repair. Choose a professional who works around your location’s needs.
  • Emergency services: If a storefront window breaks during Christmas week, that doesn’t mean thieves are taking a vacation, too. A reputable company should provide emergency and urgent services.
  • Specialists: If you have a special request, such as an iconic antique mirror in your reception hallway that needs repairs, don’t trust this unique piece to just anyone. Select a repair service with expertise in that material.

In the Salt Lake City area, businesses are lucky to have a premium service provider in the neighborhood. Call Murray Glass for all your commercial glass repair needs.

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