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Commercial Shower Doors Need Specialized Care

Commercial Shower Doors Need Specialized Care

Commercial shower doors are common in many industries — hotels, truck stops, campgrounds and even some high-tech enterprises that are committed to giving employees everything they need to work around-the-clock. These doors sometimes require special care that differs from what’s called for with residential doors.

Making sure commercial shower doors are safe and clean is critical. A badly chipped door, a growing crack, or even scum buildup is a reflection of your company. Showering might be a private matter, but if your stalls, doors or linings are worse for wear, you can bet word will get around.

Unless you built your commercial space from scratch, you probably don’t know if your shower doors are quality. They could be old and prone to shattering. They could have been installed without a sealant, allowing soap scum, dirt and other debris to seep into the pores of glass. Glass itself, without any added resins or a sealant, is far from truly solid and a great breeding ground for mold.

Regardless of whether employees or customers use your commercial showers, you must take care of the doors or you’re opening yourself up to liability in the event of an injury.

Preventive Care

Any glass, including shower doors, requires preventive care. This includes adding strength, perhaps with a film or sealant, and performing regular deep cleanings. Hiring the right cleaning crew is critical as well. Keeping an eye out for mold, particularly the black variety, is paramount to safety. Anytime you offer showers in a place of business, your potential liability increases. Slips and falls are by far the most common workplace accident, and they’re much likelier to happen in bathrooms.

If you notice that glass seems hard to clean, weak or brittle, take action before disaster occurs. Shower doors can be expensive, but they also can be much easier to repair than replace. Take care of them by bringing in an expert if you notice something’s amiss. Ask your cleaning crew to keep an eye on your showers so that any issues are caught early.

Taking Care of Business

If you operate commercial showers long enough, you’re bound to have glass that chips, breaks, cracks or shatters. Put the safety of customers/employees first — immediately close that particular shower stall and ensure any fallen glass is removed. In some cases, you may want to close the entire stall area. Nothing is as potentially dangerous (or looks as unprofessional) as an out-of-order shower stall.

Surprisingly, many shower doors are fixable even when damage looks severe. Having an expert look at damaged shower glass is also a great way to find out the state of your other doors. It may be time to replace all of them, or a quick one-door fix might be all you need. For all shower doors — commercial or otherwise — call Murray Glass for fast and affordable care and service.

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