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Common Reasons Windows Break

Common Reasons Windows Break

The most common cause of house windows breaking might surprise you. Most people think it’s a baseball or golf ball that’s responsible for a broken window, but that’s actually a rarity. Burglars breaking windows is also relatively uncommon. The real perpetrator behind broken windows is usually yard maintenance.


It’s a lot easier to blame a faceless neighborhood kid or even spontaneous breakage (a real but rare phenomenon) rather than saying you did it yourself.

The Wild Side

Animals are named as another potential cause of windows breaking, but many times, it’s actually a human at fault. Throw a ball for Fido to catch too close to the window, and he’s liable to go crashing through it. Birds can also accidentally fly into windows. However, the odds of a bird crashing hard enough into a window to break it are slim to none.

Window, glass and mirror repair and replacement experts have heard and seen it all. Tall tales might not be questioned, but it’s usually best to be honest with your repair professional so they can tell you the best way to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Window Damage

For homes and businesses, a broken window can spell trouble. Without a secure window, the elements, animals and even criminals can creep inside. A building that seems in disrepair automatically lowers property values and invites mischief. That’s why a reputable window repair company offers 24/7 emergency services. You’ll want to fix that breakage immediately.

It doesn’t matter who’s at fault from a window repair professional’s perspective. However, if you’re filing an insurance claim, that’s another story.

Luckily, today’s windows are made with safety glass, which means that a broken window turns into gummy droplets of glass instead of dangerous, sharp shards. Still, you don’t want to risk an injury.

A window repair professional will quickly take care of a broken window so you can get back to what matters: Mowing the lawn, playing fetch with your four-legged friend or finally getting those gutters clean.

Call Murray Glass for all your window repair and replacement needs, any time of day or night.

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