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Custom Sliding Glass Doors For The Office

Custom Sliding Glass Doors For The Office

Outfitting your office with sliding glass doors is an investment in your style and space. There’s nothing that says “successful executive” quite like a glass-enclosed office. Clean lines and sleek design create the type of atmosphere you want in your workspace. Murray Glass can help make your vision come to life.


Two Words: Natural Light

Custom sliding glass doors and glass-enclosed offices in general contribute positively to the work environment by letting natural light into your space.

Natural light is nature’s free electricity. You can instantly increase the energy efficiency of your office when you use glass partitions to separate workspaces instead of thick plaster walls.

Another major benefit of natural light is its stimulating effects on the human brain. If you’re looking to boost productivity and make workers more likely to show up for their shifts and stay at their jobs for the long term, you need natural light in your office building.

Create Useable Space

Custom glass doors make your office feel bigger, and it’s not just because you can see through partitions. When doors simply slide open and closed, you can take advantage of all the space around the entryway. Traditional doors need space to swing open, so this limits where you can place furniture, plants or décor.

Enhance Communication

When you use glass to block off individual workspaces, you’re doing your part to create a collaborative culture within your company. Eye contact, waves and smiles go a long way toward fostering the communication you want your employees to have. If everyone is shut away in their own private bubble, it’s a lot harder to connect without scheduling an official meeting.

It’s Attractive

Do you regularly have clients visit your office? It’s imperative to think about your image. Your clients will notice sliding glass doors that open easily and efficiently. It’s important to demonstrate that you take care in your appearance — it helps the client have confidence that you take the same care in all you do, including the work you provide for them.

Glass Never Goes Out of Style

Whether you own your office space or not, you can have confidence that custom glass and sliding glass doors are a valuable addition to the property. No matter the season, year or decade, glass never goes out of style. It’s always a desirable design element — no touch-up coats of paint needed.

Trust Murray Glass with your office building redesign and get the custom sliding glass doors and glass partitions your workspace needs. Call today for a free quote.

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