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Different Kinds of Shower Doors

Different Kinds of Shower Doors

You might be underestimating the role of your shower door in your bathroom right now, but shower doors affect the level of privacy you’re comfortable with, as well as your budget and lifestyle. For these reasons and more, there are several types of shower doors available to serve your needs. These cover a wide range of functions, down to the style choice. 

Sliding Shower Door

Also known as a bypass shower door, these doors operate similar to a sliding patio door. They have two glass panels that slide, and they easily roll onto the tracks that are attached to the enclosure. This type of door may slide on the track, but there are also sliding shower doors that have mechanical rollers to make the doors easier to open and close. Depending on the configuration of your bathroom, these doors can be used in showers that are stand-alone or mounted on to a bathtub. Sliding doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms because they don’t take up as much space since they don’t swing-out. 

Hinged Shower Door

Hinged shower doors are similar to the other doors in your house because they operate the same way. Their pivoting hinges allow the door to swing out and open whenever someone wants to enter or exit out of the shower. Said hinges can easily be attached to the wall, the shower surround, or even the immobile glass panel that is a part of the shower. It should be noted that these shower doors are not for everyone, as they only work out in big bathrooms that can accommodate space for them. Without the proper clearance, you will not be able to open the shower door all the way, which will make it difficult to use your shower. 

Folding Shower Door 

“Bi-fold” or “tri-fold” shower doors operate just like their name sounds. There are several glass panels as part of these shower doors and while one is fixed, others will fold up themselves thanks to their hinges. Folding shower doors function the same way that many folding closet doors function, and are very easy to open and to close. Because these doors don’t swing out into the bathroom, they are great for small bathrooms, but their design pairs well with any bathroom size. 

Framed Shower Door

Shower doors that are framed have a frame that runs all the way around the glass, which can be made of either aluminum or composite material. Framed shower doors also have a track that will catch dripping water and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis so that mold or mildew doesn’t grow all over it. There are several framed finishes that you can select from, making it easy to match the rest of the hardware in your bathroom. 

Frameless Shower Door

For a sleeker look that is easy to maintain, frameless shower doors are your top option. These doors make bathrooms feel bigger and spacious. Frameless shower doors boast towel bars that can actually be mounted through the glass of the shower door itself. This means that the door will be sturdy, and there shouldn’t be any concerns about the door breaking or becoming damaged. 

Are you ready to pursue the bathroom of your dreams? Murray Glass offers a wide variety of shower doors, including sliding glass shower doors, frameless glass shower doors, European glass shower doors, and so much more. Call our experts at Murray Glass today if you’re ready to swap out your old shower curtain for a glamorous glass shower door.  

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