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Do Your Windows Need Reglazing?

Do Your Windows Need Reglazing

Glazing is what holds window panes in place. Keeping glass panes secure and insulated is the key to a durable window, and that’s what the glazing does.

Have you noticed a chilly draft in one of your rooms? Do you hear a rattling noise on windy days? Your windows may need to be reglazed, or simply replaced.


What does the glazing process entail, and is it worth it?

What Is Glazing?

Glazing is the putty that stabilizes the glass pane within the window frame. When it hardens around the glass’s edge, it creates a waterproof seal that keeps cold air and moisture out. If it becomes brittle, cracks or falls out of place, it might let in water and contribute to damage and rot.

Are Your Windows Showing Their Age?

Reglazing a window will restore its insulating properties, which saves you money on energy bills. It’s common for older windows to need glazing again. Here are some of the key signs your windows need reglazing:

  • Cracks throughout the glazing
  • Dry, crumbling sections of putty
  • Putty that has separated from the glass pane

If you can tap on your window and it makes a resounding thudding noise, it’s a sign the pane is loose.

Should You Replace Your Windows?

Replacing windows that need reglazing might seem like a good idea, but new windows are a big expense. On the other hand, they will significantly add to the value of your home and its overall energy efficiency.

Modern, double-paned windows help your property retain heat in winter and cool air in summer.

Reglazing Preserves Craftsmanship

You may think that simply replacing your windows is the best option. For many homeowners who notice cracked and crumbling glazing, this is the case. But think again if you have a home with historical significance.

By reglazing the windows, you are preserving craftsmanship from centuries ago. It’s worth considering reglazing as an option to preserve the original charm and character.

Discuss Your Options with Murray Glass

Should you try to restore your old windows with reglazing? Or should you invest in new vinyl windows? Is it smart to reglaze your windows while you save up for a big replacement project?

Go over your choices and the costs and benefits of each option with the team at Murray Glass. We help you spot the signs of deteriorating glazing and fill you in on our proposed solutions.

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