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Does a Sunroom Add Value to My Home?

Does a Sunroom Add Value to My Home?

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, adding a sunroom is an affordable way to add space and boost your home’s net worth. Any time you can increase the usable square footage of your home, you will automatically boost its value. Sunrooms are a worthwhile addition for price assessment value, aesthetics, and practicality. 

These versatile rooms can be seamlessly added to nearly any area of your house and will positively impact anyone who steps inside. Let’s take a closer look at the versatile benefits and uses of adding a sunroom to your home.

Advantages of a Sunroom

  • Increase Your Home’s Value – Many homeowners have an outdoor space, such as an attached porch. These add-ons are functional, but they don’t add much value to the home since they aren’t “livable” spaces. Livable square footage is one of the most significant factors in a home’s price.
    On the other hand, sunrooms fit the bill of combining outdoor elements with a boost in net worth. Home Advisor reports that sunrooms have a nearly 50%  return on investment (ROI), meaning it will increase your home’s value by about half the cost of the addition. This cost/benefit analysis will pay off in the long run.
  • Sunrooms Add Valuable Space to Your Home – One of the most obvious advantages of building a sunroom is to expand your home’s living space. If you feel like your house is getting crowded, this is the perfect time to add a sunroom.
    While any additional room will serve the purpose of making your home larger, a sunroom carries the extra benefit of acting as a getaway space. This area feels like a separate sanctuary rather than simply an extension of the home. If you’re looking to add space to your home, why not make it unique?
  • You Can Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Long – Did you know that an estimated 10 million Americans experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for roughly 40 percent of the year? If you suffer from SAD, this means you’re more likely to feel depressed during the winter months when sunlight is sparse.
    The good news is that a sunroom can help boost your mood, even when the weather is melancholy, and the sunlight is hard to come by. It can be hard to venture outside to soak up some Vitamin D, but a sunroom provides all the sunlight you need from the comfort of the indoors.
  • Sunrooms Are Affordable – Sunrooms won’t cost you as much as you might think, and they’ll even save you money on your energy bill. Today’s sunroom solutions optimize your home’s energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs. Carefully-sized windows that are well-shaded in the summer will stabilize temperature extremes and leave you with a room that’s both beautiful and comfortable.
  • Health Benefits – Many people are surprised to learn that sunrooms have numerous health benefits. An increase in sun exposure can do wonders for your health, including:
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Improve overall mood
  • Boost your Vitamin D levels
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Decrease your stress
  • Sunrooms Make Great Spaces for Entertaining – Do you frequently enjoy hosting events for your friends and family? If so, a sunroom can make the perfect gathering space for entertaining. Your guests will love spending time in here, and you’ll rest easy knowing there’s enough space for everyone.

Types of Sunrooms

If you’re unsure of what type of sunroom to build, here are four different options to consider:

  • Screen Rooms – A screen room is the least expensive form of protected living space. With a ceiling and screened walls, these rooms act as a barrier around your existing patio, porch, or deck
    You can also build this as a completely new space. Screens separate you from the outdoors, keeping out bugs, critters, inclement weather, or other unwanted elements.
  • Three-Season Rooms – Three-season rooms are additions built onto houses with enclosed glass walls. Depending on your location, three-season rooms are typically used during the three warmest seasons of the year: spring, summer, and fall. A three-season room will suit your needs if you live in an area with a year-round mild climate.
  • Four-Season Rooms – The most significant difference between three and four-season rooms is the level of usage you expect to experience. If you live in a climate with intense winters, a four-season room is an ideal option since you can use it all year long.  
  • Solariums – A solarium is an addition entirely made from glass. These rooms are also often referred to as greenhouses or glass enclosures. The purpose of a solarium is to trap as much light as possible, allowing for an outdoor feel from the comfort of your home. Its floor-to-ceiling windows also give you an excellent view of your surroundings.

Popular Sunroom Uses

Many people envision their sunroom as the perfect place for storing their plants, but you can also convert the space into just about anything. Here are a few different approaches for how to use a sunroom:

  • Create a master suite.
  • Design a recreation room.
  • Transform your home office.
  • Create a breakfast nook or dining room.
  • Construct a fitness room.
  • Carve out a playroom.
  • Enhance your laundry room.
  • Use it as an extra bedroom.
  • Set up an area for crafting or other hobbies.

Murray Glass Is the Exert in Modern Glass

If you’re ready to add a beautiful sunroom to your home, let Murray Glass turn your living space into the oasis of your dreams. Our custom glass solutions can make your home feel bigger, cleaner, and more modern.
We work closely with our clients to create custom arrangements to meet specific needs and design goals. From shower doors to windows to modern glass walls, we’re ready to tackle your next project.

We serve cities in Northern Utah, including Salt Lake City, Midvale, South Jordan, Lehi, Orem, and more. Hundreds of homes and businesses across the Wasatch Front have benefitted from our superior glass services. Let us transform your space today! Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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