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Foggy Windows: What is Causing Them and What You Can Do

Foggy Windows: What is Causing Them and What You Can Do

Does your home experience cloudy or foggy windows? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is yes. And they’re a burden!

Foggy windows, while setting a cozy mood, aren’t ideal. Condensation builds up on your windows from present moisture creating a haze on your windows and glass doors, making it impossible to see through them. There are a number of reasons why your windows keep fogging up, and, thankfully, there are several things you can do to prevent fog from making its appearance on your glass windows and doors.

Continue reading to learn more.

What Causes Foggy Windows?

Foggy windows make an appearance when humid air touches a cooler surface, or there’s a big temperature difference between inside and outside. The water in the air will begin to collect on cooler surfaces, like your glass windows and doors. Here are three common ways condensation can make your windows foggy:

  1. INTERIOR CONDENSATION — When the inside of your home is especially humid, wetness in the air is drawn to your windows. Your house might be humid from cooking, bathing, or showering, or breathing people. This can occur on single-paned windows and double-paned.
  2. EXTERIOR CONDENSATION — This happens when the temperature inside of your house is much cooler than the outside temperature; for example, your air conditioning running on a hot day could cause exterior condensation. Like interior condensation, this can happen on single- or double-paned windows.
  3. TRAPPED CONDENSATION BETWEEN PANES — Older windows can become foggy when condensation is trapped between panes and is likely caused by a broken seal. In situations like this, cool morning air and dew and the humidity in your home can seep in and become trapped between window panes, causing fog.

What to Do to Fix Foggy Windows?

Foggy windows in your home are not ideal. Luckily, fixing the problem isn’t too tricky. Here’s what you can do about your foggy windows:

FIXING INTERIOR CONDENSATION — Windows that become foggy from the condensation inside your house can quickly be resolved by doing the following things:

  • Clean windows to ensure the haze isn’t grease build-up or fingerprint smudges.
  • Turn on fans, including ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, overhead stove vents, and oscillating floor or tabletop fans.
  • Use a dehumidifier in your home, or reduce the use of humidifiers and diffusers.
  • Open windows to let in warmer, circulating air.
  • Turn on your heater.
  • Inspect the weather stripping around your windows and doors.
  • Move your houseplants away from glass doors and windows.

FIXING EXTERIOR CONDENSATION — Foggy windows that appear because of the humidity and condensation from outside will go away on their own once the morning chill leaves and the temperature rises. There’s nothing to do in these situations except to wait it out. If you really don’t want to deal with fog caused by exterior condensation, you can use sold-bought products on your windows, like RainX.

FIXING TRAPPED CONDENSATION — When humid air or condensation gets trapped between window panes, it’s important to address this issue sooner than later. Contact a skilled glass door and window professional to fix the problem.

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Are the windows in your Salt Lake City home or business foggy? No problem! Contact the experts at Murray Glass for all of your glass needs, including fixing your foggy windows. Any glass project you have, Murray Glass has got you covered! Our experienced and knowledgeable team is available whenever you need help, including 24/7 service for emergencies. Schedule your consultation and contact our team today!

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