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Emergency Glass Repair Service on Call

You may hope you never need 24-hour emergency glass services, but you should keep the number of a reliable company readily available, just as a precaution.

If you’re a business owner or commercial property manager, you do everything possible to keep the grounds safe from natural disasters, vandals and break-ins. You have solid exterior lighting, perhaps on-site security and/or cameras, and you chose a building that was designed to hold up against the weather in your area.

However, accidents will happen, especially with commercial buildings that are largely glass — and criminals might target your building.

Broken glass is an open invitation to looting and is dangerous for employees, customers and passersby. When you see glass on the sidewalk, you know two things: Something has gone awry, and the building is vulnerable. Every neighborhood is only as strong as the weakest link, and when you have broken glass, your building is by far the most vulnerable.

Don’t wait until banker’s hours, especially if the incident happens late on a Friday night. Nobody can afford an entire weekend with a broken window, and fortunately you don’t have to.

Service in a Hurry

Depending on the extent of the damage, a repair service may be able to fix or replace the glass on-site any time of day or night. However, it’s likelier that a temporary solution will be employed while the perfectly cut replacement piece is made or ordered.

A reputable repair shop will offer 24-hour emergency glass services, since they know how important commercial glass is. They may also offer a clean-up service, although many property owners prefer to take care of the mess themselves.

When calling a 24-hour emergency glass service, you should connect to a live person quickly. Since urgent glass services are fortunately not very common, this isn’t like waiting for a tow truck when your car is broken down. Assuming your property is within a reasonable distance, it won’t take repair experts long to arrive.

You’ll need to have a description of the damage (snapping a photo helps), the address and any additional concerns such as a potential break-in. If you suspect a break-in, don’t explore the property yourself — call the police first and glass repair services second.

A Clean Sweep

Most of the time, 24-hour emergency glass service providers can tidy up your property well enough and allow you to open up for business as usual. Broken glass doesn’t mean your business has to halt.

It can also be an opportunity to increase your property’s security. Replacing the broken glass with a stronger piece, adding a strengthening film, or perhaps tinting the windows for extra security and strength are all great ways to avoid damage in the future. However, nothing replaces more thorough security, which might include a hired guard or simply trimming landscaping back for more visibility.

Nobody expects to need emergency glass service, but it’s wise to plan for it. Make sure you have a local, reliable company’s 24-hour number saved in your phone. For the best in service, give Murray Glass a call and enjoy fast, affordable 24-hour emergency glass services.

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