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Glass & Mirror Shop Superstitions Busted

Your local glass and mirror shop is well-versed in restoring vintage pieces, providing emergency services and dispelling myths about glass and mirror superstitions.

In the world of good luck/bad luck, glass and mirrors have played a big role. Perhaps one of the most famous American myths is that breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck (although in many cultures, breaking glass is good luck and highly encouraged).

Just like walking under ladders and seeing a black cat cross your path, superstitions can hold as much or as little power as you give them. Still, it’s interesting to see what some glass and mirror shop superstitions entail.

Some old wives’ tales include covering mirrors during lightning storms, lest the bolts become vain and wander into the house. Another tradition is to cover all the mirrors in a home when someone dies to stop his or her ghost from getting trapped (you’ll still see this tradition in some movies).

Some Superstitions Take a Lot of Work

If you were to follow all superstitions, it would be a full-time job. Even keeping pace with glass and mirror shop-related superstitions is a massive undertaking, especially when you move into a new home and have to immediately fill a bottle with broken glass for the attic. Such a talisman prevents witches from entering because it makes their wombs hurt. Nobody said superstitions ever make much sense!

One old tale is that evil can’t cross over water, so the recommendation is to keep a shallow dish of water on the kitchen windowsill. Why this particular entry point is favored over bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and dining rooms is a mystery. Perhaps it’s simply easier to keep that dish full of water perched so close to the kitchen sink.

The Real Magic of Glass and Mirror Shops

You may have heard that breaking glass is good luck, particularly at Jewish weddings, but did you know that in some cultures only clear glass is good luck? Breaking red or green glass, or even breaking a full glass bottle instead of a cup or other vessel, is considered back luck by some. Breaking glass while in the middle of a toast is also dubbed bad luck by some communities. However, if you finish a toast then toss the glass into a fireplace to break it, that’s good luck!

Glass and mirror shops have seen it all, heard it all, and sometimes have to soothe superstitious customers worried over a specific type of breakage. The real luck comes in having a 24-hour emergency glass and mirror shop available to you any time of day or night.

Rely on Murray Glass for fast, quality repairs of your mirrors, windows, glass and more.

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