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Glass Shower Door vs. Plastic Curtain, Which Is Better?

Which Is Better Glass Shower Door Vs Plastic Curtain

Deciding between a glass shower door or sticking to a traditional plastic curtain for your new bathroom design isn’t an easy choice. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, but you have to make a decision.


While you get a lot of flexibility with a replaceable shower curtain, the classy, high-end look of a glass shower door is hard to beat.

Doors Are Easy to Clean

A glass door is one of the easiest surfaces to clean in your bathroom. Simply spray it with glass cleaner and wipe it down to remove smudges and water stains. In contrast, cleaning a shower curtain is next to impossible. You wind up replacing the liner every few months because taking it off its hooks, bleaching and scrubbing it and hanging it back up is a major chore.

Doors Make Less Mess

When you close a glass door, it stays closed. No water gets on your floor or drips outside of the bathtub. On the other hand, if your kids don’t close the shower curtain all the way, there’s a big puddle to clean up. Over time, water leaks can cause grout to erode and the seal at the base of your tub to peel away.

Doors Showcase Beautiful Tile Work

Shower curtains come in some eye-catching designs, but having a glass shower door lets you see the gorgeous tile or stone work that makes up the inside of your shower. This adds to the bathroom’s décor all on its own.

Doors Make the Room Look Bigger

Being able to see through the door into the shower adds visual square footage to your bathroom. You don’t have a curtain blocking off a whole section of the room, so your bathroom looks and feels bigger.

Doors Fit into Tight Spaces

If you want to design a shower to fit underneath an alcove or a staircase, it can be difficult to size a shower curtain to the appropriate measurements. But glass can be cut to fit any space and expertly installed to function in the smallest of spaces.

Curtains Require Regular Replacement

A shower curtain should be removed and washed on a regular basis, especially if you plan on listing your home or inviting guests to stay with you. While you may be able to put a cloth shower curtain through the washing machine, you will likely have to purchase a whole new vinyl liner because it picks up soap scum and bacteria.

At Murray Glass, we’re a little bit biased toward glass shower doors because we see firsthand every day on our job sites how they add beauty to a bathroom renovation! Get a quote for your bathroom shower and trust our team to fabricate and install a beautiful shower door just for you.

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