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Here’s How Mirrors Will Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Here's How Mirrors Will Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Mirrors are more than just a slab of reflecting glass on your wall, so choosing a high-quality, timeless piece is critical to enhancing your space.

Mirrors are not only practical, but they can also breathe new life into any dreary environment. How can you be certain that the appropriate fit for your specific space will not break or become damaged over time?

Mirrors are both gorgeous and sensitive design pieces, so knowing how to choose one is critical. Here are some ideas to better implement mirrors in interior design.

Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

Mirrors can completely transform a room, but there are several guidelines to consider. Here are some tips when thinking about mirrors in interior design:

  • Function – The purpose of a wall mirror should be considered when deciding where to install it. For instance, if you’re installing a mirror in a dressing room, make sure it’s placed where you can see your complete ensemble. However, if you’re hanging a mirror in a restroom, you should make sure it’s at a convenient height for shaving or applying makeup.
  • What is being reflected – A strategically positioned wall mirror can reflect light and provide the appearance of a larger space. On the flip side, a poorly positioned mirror can make a room feel crowded and small. For instance, installing mirrors to reflect a messy section of your home would simply serve as a constant reminder of the mess. Alternatively, a mirror will be a handy addition to your home’s decor if you place it in a location where it reflects something you adore, like a lovely work of art or a breathtaking view.
  • Surprise – Everybody has mirrors in their entryway, above their sinks, or attached to a vanity, but we encourage you to think outside the box. It’s exciting to place mirrors in unusual locations, and there isn’t a compelling reason not to do it. Add a few mirrors to your kitchen so you can see yourself while you prepare food. Place mirrors on your home’s narrow entrance edges. Purchase tabletop mirrors to use as decorations in unexpected places.

Now that you oversee your own space, you’re free to install them wherever you like. Your mirrors will be interesting because they’ll reflect a little bit of light, but they’ll also be eye-catching pieces to have around the house.

  • Proportions – Mirrors should always be proportionate to the wall. This means long mirrors go on long walls, and small mirrors go on small walls, etc. The mirror should feel proportional to the space.
  • Consider grouping – One simple and effective way to use wall mirrors is grouping. You can create a statement piece that reflects light and your sense of style by hanging several mirrors together. When choosing mirrors for grouping, consider the overall size of the mirrors and their shapes. For example, a mix of square and round mirrors will add visual interest, while a set of identical mirrors will create a more uniform look.

Once you’ve selected the right mix of mirrors, the next step is deciding on the perfect placement. Arrange them on the floor or a tabletop before adhering them to the wall. You’ll want to leave space between each mirror so they don’t appear too crowded. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 6 inches of space between each mirror.

Mirror Placement by Room

Now that you know some general tips for styling mirrors in your home, here are some specific guidelines for each room:

  • Entrance hall – This is arguably one of the areas where mirrors work best, making a lasting impact on visitors and providing solace when you get home. It can be positioned either directly over the furniture or closer to the ground. The frame or area designated for the mirror wall décor must be well-lit and noticeable for a striking impression. Add vases, sculptures, and coordinating furniture to complete the look.
  • Living room – Decorative mirror placement in the living room requires careful observation of the area and potential placement locations. For instance, use a mirror with an arched frame if your room is without windows. These architectural features can revitalize the area and give it a sense of openness. Mirrors also look fantastic above sophisticated cabinets and fireplaces.
  • Bathroom – Along with reflecting natural light, a circular hanging wall mirror can provide comfort to a small or dark bathroom. Choose mirrors with distinctive frames and huge sizes for a glam appearance. You can use many pieces placed side by side to create a more laid-back vibe.
  • Dining room – Painting a mirror with a beautiful frame will add a touch of elegance and lighten a dining room or other eating area. Consider completing the design with a modern set of tables, chairs, and rugs to create an even more impressive ambiance. 

Protect Your Mirror

The chore of keeping mirrors clean and functional shouldn’t be as difficult as hanging and selecting them. Mirrors in interior design are supposed to require little upkeep; if nothing is wrong, just leave it alone. Use a feather duster or a bit of window-cleaning solution on a cloth to clean a dusty mirror.

If you purchased a large or expensive item, you might want to hire a professional to assist with mirror hanging. If hanging is not an option, think about leaning a big, hefty mirror against a wall. Just be sure it’s safe and isn’t near a lot of traffic where it can get knocked over.

Choose Murray Glass for Custom Glass Mirrors

Murray Glass is ready to help you create the highest-quality mirrors for your next home improvement project. We offer the top mirror brands and manufacturers, including local firms, to homes and businesses along the Wasatch Front. Our bespoke mirror services enable you to realize your individual vision.

When you work with our professionals, you choose the ideal mirrors for your home or office space in Salt Lake City, Tooele, Summit, Weber, and Utah Counties. Contact our experts today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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