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Here’s How to Style Glass Shelves in Your Home

Here’s How to Style Glass Shelves in Your Home

If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up your home, glass shelves add beauty while being extremely functional; plus, they’re fun to style!

Shelving is a common way to add functional storage to any room, but if you want it to enhance the space, you need custom glass shelves. Despite the many shelving options out there, glass reigns supreme. These shelves are versatile, durable, and chic, and as an added bonus, this shelving is low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

If you’re ready to add glass shelving into your space, we’re here to help you style them. Stay tuned as we share our best tips and tricks for decorating glass shelves.

Types of Glass Shelves

The first step to styling your glass shelves is selecting your desired type. There are various types of glass shelves on the market today with varying characteristics. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of finishes, including glossy, tinted, opaque, and more.

  1. Fixed Glass Shelves – As the name suggests, fixed shelves are fixed to the wall. The shelves usually have individual brackets that you can use as stand-alone shelving or hang several as needed. It’s essential to ensure they are securely attached, and we recommend choosing models with polished edges and thick glass. Fixed glass shelves are typically open but sometimes contain doors.
  1. Free-Standing – Free-standing glass shelves are comprised of various structures from wood to metal and more. Along with fixed shelves, these shelves can be open or have doors. Although free-standing shelves are not fixed to a wall, we recommend anchoring them for added security.

Styling Glass Shelves: The Living Room

If your glass shelving is in the living room, you might want to style them in a modern yet sophisticated way. Glass shelves will elegantly display your items whether you love plants, a good read, artwork, or framed photographs.

If you’re working with multiple shelves, try shifting the visual weight from center to left and right on each shelf. Rather than using too many small objects, eliminate the clutter you don’t use anymore or no longer love. The more items you have, the less of an impact each item will make, so opt for a deliberate selection of trinkets.

Next, choose a consistent color palette that complements the room. Whether you prefer neutral colors or vibrant tones, placing them at various angles and levels can be quite eye-catching and fun.

Styling Glass Shelves: The Bathroom

Using glass shelves in the bathroom can create a light and fresh aesthetic,while also being functional. Place them above the sink, to the side of the shower, or anywhere else you could use some extra storage.

The bathroom is an excellent place to utilize baskets or bins to store linens, toiletries, towels, or anything else. You might also consider placing a pretty candle or diffuser adjacent to these essentials. And, if your bathroom is overrun with perfumes, colognes, lotions, or other indulgent bottles, a glass shelf is the perfect place to display them.

Styling Glass Shelves: The Office

There are plenty of ways to style your office shelves to be both professional and pretty. First, use baskets to stow away office supplies that are an eye sore. Items like power cords, instruction manuals, and printer paper can be tucked away in a pretty bin, which will also work as a layering piece for styling.

Next, try to keep the shelves as neat as possible. As we mentioned previously, too many items on a shelf can ruin the appeal. Use binders, folders, or stackable trays to sort paperwork and keep things organized.

Lastly, when styling shelves in your office, don’t forget to add personality. Bring in your favorite artwork, pictures of your family, a favorite candle, a candy dish, or any other items that encompass your personality. Pops of color and texture will bring your shelves to life.

Styling Glass Shelves: The Kitchen

When utilizing glass shelving in the kitchen, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, avoid going overboard. A simple stack of plates, a row of mugs, or a set of recipe books will add a modern, sophisticated touch to your kitchen.

Next, mix everyday dishware with other items. Combine dishes with different accessories to create a more interesting arrangement. Potted plants, wooden cutting boards, vases, candlesticks, or trays are all accents that complement kitchenware well.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so style your shelves to match your home’s vibe and personality. These decorative pieces will help your kitchen become a gathering place everyone can enjoy.

The Benefits of Glass Shelves

Glass shelving is an excellent addition to any home or space. Here are a few benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked:

  • Glass shelving is durable – If you have small children or pets, you understand the significance of durability when it comes to your furniture. Glass shelves are made of thick, tempered glass built to withstand slammed doors, stampeding children, or heavy accessories.  
  • Glass offers versatility – Its transparent nature makes it incredibly versatile. Tempered glass comes in many shapes and styles, so you can customize your shelving unit to fit your unique needs.
  • Low maintenance – No one needs extra household chores added to their plate; luckily, glass shelving is easy to keep clean. Unlike wood which collects and shows off dust, glass can hide the grime much better. It also doesn’t warp or rust when it gets wet, is nearly impossible to scratch, and can be wiped clean with little effort.

Choose Murray Glass for Custom Glass Shelving

No matter how you style them, Murray Glass has you covered with high-quality, custom glass shelves that won’t break the bank. The most qualified glass experts install our top-of-the-line glass products, so we guarantee your satisfaction.Reach out today to schedule a free consultation. We serve the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, including Layton, Sandy, West Jordan, Draper, and more!

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