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How Thick Are Glass Walls? And Other FAQs

If you’re looking to create privacy or separate spaces in your home or office, glass walls offer a modern solution for an open-concept design.

Glass is becoming increasingly popular because it is one of the most versatile materials for developing houses and commercial structures. Glass is a fantastic material for bringing light into any space because of its transparency, but there are several other factors that have contributed to the recent rise in modern glass walls.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and uses of glass walls for both professional and home settings.

What Is a Glass Wall?

Yes, a glass wall is a wall made of glass, but there is a great deal of complexity surrounding how these walls are built. Sliding glass doors, outdoor sliding walls, extra-large windows, and glass room dividers are just a few of the architectural possibilities. Depending on the area in which you intend to use them, each has a distinct composition and perhaps a different use case.

You can install glass walls for an office, home, or any space that could use a transparent partition. Living rooms, patios, breakrooms, or even master bathrooms can benefit from the opening effect shared by these designs.

How Thick Are Glass Walls?

The glass used in these walls is typically 1/2″ thick and is stronger than that of household windows and doors. This thickness helps increase security, decreases outside noise, and gives the glass more endurance.

What Are the Different Types of Glass?

There are two types of glass that are commonly used in interior spaces:

  • Laminated glass – Laminated glass contains two glass panels, but there is a thin film layer in between them. The film aids in keeping the glass fragments in place if there is sufficient force to break them. In locations where there is a higher risk of injury to people, such as the doors to a mall children’s play area, laminated safety glass is highly advised. Additionally, enhancing security is laminated glass’ resistance to break-ins.
  • Tempered glass – This kind of glass consists of two panels with an air-tight gap in the center. To strengthen it and increase its resistance to temperature changes, the glass is also heat treated. If you want a better level of climate control, this glass is perfect for assisting in reducing energy loss in a building or between two rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Walls in an Office?

When thinking about constructing an office, glass walls might not initially come to mind– however, they hold plenty of benefits.

Here are some items to consider if you are thinking of installing glass walls for your office:

  • Increase in optimism – Incorporating glass wall partitions into office designs can be beneficial for boosting worker morale. One benefit is that natural light raises vitamin D levels, which gives workers a boost in natural energy. Views of the outside world can raise spirits. 

73% of respondents in a Future Workplace survey indicated, “The longer people use technology to do their work, the more they need a visual break, such as taking a stroll or staring through unimpeded windows to an outside scene.”
Giving employees access to beautiful sights can boost morale while also benefiting from the health advantages of glass walls.

  • Raise productivity – People work harder in happier environments. Given that office workers’ top want is natural light, it seems sensible that a workplace with natural light will have happier personnel. 

Noise reduction in the workplace is another advantage of glass walls for health. Lack of sound privacy is the biggest drain on employee morale and can cause extreme feelings of resentment among workers. In an office, constant noise can distract workers’ concentration and creative energies, resulting in reduced productivity levels.
Glass partitions and walls act as a sound barrier to reduce noise levels while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the office architecture, lowering noise and increasing production rates.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Walls in a House?

Glass walls can completely transform a home. Here are some eye-catching benefits of glass walls in a house to consider:

  • Health benefits – You and your family will benefit from sunlight in both physical and mental ways. You become more alert and productive as a result. When we finish the day with a sense of accomplishment, we naturally feel better.

A glass wall’s openness can also contribute to the feeling of privacy needed to concentrate, unwind, and contemplate. Additionally, a glass wall helps promote sleep.
A person’s sleep cycle can be regulated by natural light. This internal balancing act of our sleep cycles promotes a more productive and deep sleep. The more restful sleep we receive, the happier we feel and the more effective we may be during the day.

  • Customization options – When considering glass walls for your house remodel, there is a wide range of customization available thanks to the various types of glass walls and the opportunity to color them. Movable glass walls can be stacked on top of one another, opening entirely new customizing possibilities.

Depending on the level of privacy you want the glass wall to provide, think about utilizing several varieties of opaque glass as well. Both the pattern and the degree of obscurity are adjustable. This will be useful if you want to see the outside but don’t necessarily want others looking inside your home.

For High-Quality Glass Walls, Choose Murray Glass

Murray Glass is here to assist you if you’re ready to take the plunge and install gorgeous glass walls in your home or workplace. We are delighted to provide a wide variety of styles, frames, materials, and options from the world’s finest manufacturers. Our experts provide you with excellent service, eye-catching designs, and safe and secure items.

We serve residents and businesses in and around Salt Lake City, Murray, South Jordan, Heber, Lehi, and the surrounding areas. Reach out today to set up your free consultation!

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