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How To Care For Your Glass Shower Door

How To Care For Your Glass Shower Door

Glass shower doors are a stunning addition to any bathroom. They give a clean, expansive look to any bathroom, making you feel true luxury in your daily hygiene routine. Glass showers are a popular and modern choice, but it’s also intimidating for many homeowners. Glass shower doors can quickly make your bathroom look grimy and unkempt if they acquire soap scum and hard water stains, and many homeowners are worried that this will make glass shower doors too much maintenance. Other homeowners worry about the care for the hinges, metal edges, and tracks of glass shower doors.

Today Murray Glass is making it fast and easy to care for your glass shower door.

Remove Buildup

It’s natural for soap scum, hard water, and other debris to accumulate on your glass shower door. Vinegar and dish soap is the best combination for removing this buildup. Combine vinegar and dish soap with a little warm water in a spray bottle and spray over the entire glass door surface. For intense buildup, go in and scrub with a nylon scrubber pad. If there are hard water spots or stains that won’t budge, make a paste of water and baking soda to apply to the stain and scrub away after a few minutes.

Easy Open

Do you have a squeaky shower door? Does your sliding glass shower door come off the tracks or catch along the way? Does a swinging shower door have trouble opening or closing? Using some WD-40 or silicon spray can loosen that up for you. Clean it with dish soap first, then apply your lubricant. Add more as needed, and quickly call Murray Glass if you notice any damage.

Daily Care

Remember that bottle of vinegar and dish soap? Keep it in your shower. Give your shower a quick spray at the end of each shower, or at least once a week. Go buy a squeegee and hang it in your shower. If you squeegee your shower door every single shower, that 10-second chore will keep water from drying on your glass shower door and creating the cloudy buildup. Trust us, it’s well worth it.

Fight Hard Water

Hard water can create buildup on your shower doors, but also in the joints, tracks, and around all the other fixtures in the shower. Vinegar is all you need to prevent this harmful buildup. Soak the corner of a rag in white vinegar and wipe it along all of your fixtures, including your shower head. If you live with particularly hard water you may want to consider getting a water softener.

Hopefully, these tips will help you care for your glass shower door, or assuage some of your fears about getting a glass shower door for your bathroom build or bathroom remodel. Murray Glass is ready to bring bright, light glass into your luxurious bathroom, so give us a call when you’re ready for a glass makeover.


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