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How to Choose the Best Mirror for My Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Mirror for My Bathroom

You look in one almost every day, but have you ever wondered what makes the best mirror option for your bathroom?

Mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes to allow you to match them to your bathroom, but how do you know when you’ve found the one?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right mirror for you, and knowing what they are will help you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom. 

Choosing the Right Size Mirror

Most bathroom mirrors are sized according to the vanity size. They’re typically two to four inches more narrow than the vanity, but this may vary depending on your style and bathroom configuration. Some options include long mirrors that spread across the length of the vanity or smaller mirrors that go just above the sink and nowhere else. You should always measure the sink or vanity and use those measurements to pick out the right mirror for your space. 

Tip: You may want to go for a smaller mirror if you’re accounting for medicine cabinet space or if you have limited space in your bathroom. 

Shape Options 

Mirrors are great because they allow you to express your personality and creativity through the various shapes they come in. The most common shapes are rectangles or ovals, but if you want to get fancy, you can order a custom-shaped mirror to fit your space and aesthetic. 

To Frame, or Not to Frame

Mirrors can come framed or unframed depending on your personal preferences. Frameless mirrors tend to be less expensive than their framed counterparts and are more tied with modern design. Frames mirrors will cost you more, but you can also customize the frame to tie in your mirror to the rest of the room. 

Less Common Options: Inset and Suspended Mirrors

The best mirror doesn’t have to be traditional. Inset mirrors are the perfect way to get the modern look of a frameless mirror with the added uniqueness of having it sit flush against your wall. Inset mirrors are framed by the surrounding material, giving the wall a finished look with minimalist inspiration. 

If your bathroom was built on an unusual layout and you have windows or other obstacles present over your bathroom sink, you may want to look into suspended mirrors. As the name suggests, these mirrors are suspended from the ceiling, window frame or are mounted on rails rising from the counter. This allows for the addition of mirrors without having to wither move your cabinets and sink as a whole or having to find a way to mount them on an awkward wall.

Find the Best Mirror at Murray Glass

If you’re looking for the best mirror for your home, look no further than Murray Glass. We supply the highest quality glass options to homes and businesses along the Wasatch Front. Through our partnerships with the best mirror brands and manufacturers, we can help you achieve your dream look. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experts on how we can help transform your home or business!

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