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How To Clean Your Glass Shower Door, and Keep It Clean

How To Clean Your Glass Shower Door, and Keep It Clean
There is nothing quite like incorporating interior glass doors into your home.  Not only do they make a room feel more open, but they add a beauty and elegance that can only come from glass. You may choose to incorporate your interior glass doors by adding  some decorative etched glass interior doors, or maybe some frosted glass doors to the bathroom.

Another great option is to add a glass shower door. Having a glass shower door can help to make your bathroom feel larger, allow more light to enter what might normally be a dark shower, and it allows you to show off the tile work of the shower walls.

But one hesitation may homeowners may feel when considering the addition of a shower glass door is how to keep it looking nice. A glass door with hard-water spots all over it is not an attractive sight. But before giving up altogether on the addition of glass to your bathroom, here’s how to clean your glass shower door, and keep it clean!

How To Clean a  Glass Shower Door

Magic Eraser

If your glass shower door has been neglected for a while and is in need of a deep clean, you may want to bust out your Magic Eraser. They are great to use on hard-to-remove soap scum and mineral deposits. Just get the Magic Eraser wet and start scrubbing!

Dryer Sheet

A dryer sheet is also a handy secret when it comes to getting clean glass. Just get your dryer sheet slightly wet and scrub down your shower doors. The dryer sheet helps to soften the soap scum making it easy to simply wipe away.

Keeping a Glass Shower Door Clean

The best way to help maintain your sparkling and clean shower door is with regular care. Wiping down the walls and your door after each use will help to avoid more frequent deeper cleaning sessions. You can help keep water from drying on your glass shower door by also using a squeegee. Use it to remove as much water from the glass door as possible after a shower, and then use a dry cloth to wipe away any extra drops of water you may have missed.  


Once you have your glass shower doors sparkly clean, you can use Rain-X to help prevent soap scum build-up. Because it repels water, it will help slow the rate of scum-buildup. After they are clean, simply spray your glass shower doors with Rain-X. Use a clean towel to spread the product on the entire glass door until it is completely dry.

Now that you’ve fallen in love with your glass shower doors, why not add more glass to your home? Decorative interior glass doors are a great way to add some character to a room really dress it up. Exterior wood doors have their time and place, but have you ever considered a full glass exterior door? If you’re looking to explore these and other glass options for your home make sure you contact the glass experts of Salt Lake City, Murray Glass.

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