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How To Customize Mirrors For Your Home

How To Customize Mirrors For Your Home

Mirrors have always been a fixture of home décor, but in recent years mirrors have become absolutely indispensable and ubiquitous. Why? Because we better understand exactly what mirrors can do for your home, and how to make them work even harder.

How many mirrors do you have in your home? How many mirrors are outside of your bathrooms? And what are your main complaints about your home?

At Murray Glass, we love to help people solve problems in their home. Some of the most frequent complaints we hear are that homeowners feel their home is too small, too dark, or too outdated.

Murray Glass is happy to tell you that mirrors can be the answer to every one of those complaints, without expensive remodeling or major upgrades. Let us tell you how.


Let’s start with your bathroom since you already have mirrors in there. Are your mirrors functioning well? To update an old and frumpy bathroom, you might consider adding a frame or other trim to your existing bathroom mirror. It’s an instant mirror upgrade that you can DIY in an hour or two. Another way to customize your mirror is to replace your existing mirror with one better fitted to the space. This might be larger or smaller depending on your bathroom’s size or orientation, but Murray Glass can create the exact size mirror to complement your bathroom.

Décor Mirrors

Using mirrors for decoration has several functions – for one, it can help create and disperse more light in dark areas. If you have a room with limited natural light, or a dark corner that needs a little love, adding a mirror can instantly create more light in the space. Try it in a hallway, basement, or entryway to bring in more brightness. Another function of mirrors is that they never go out of style and can fit absolutely every design and color scheme. Sure, you can opt for certain shapes or frames, but mirrors are classic and easy choices to modernize and update your décor.


One of our favorite ways to use mirrors at Murray Glass is to create the illusion of bigger spaces with mirrored doors. Using a mirrored sliding door for a closet is a prime example of working smarter with the limited space you have. Is your bedroom, closet, or bathroom tiny? Incorporate a mirror on a door or perhaps a wall to really open up space and make the room feel twice as big. Not to mention it’s incredibly useful to have a full-length mirror that doesn’t need to be carefully hung on a wall. Take a look at your bedroom and closet and see if a customized mirror couldn’t make your space much more luxurious and functional.

Murray Glass can create solutions for all of your homeowner woes, including space, lighting, design, functionality, and safety. Glass and mirrors are our passion and we can offer customized options that fit your budget.

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