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How To Customize Your Window Treatments

How To Customize Your Window Treatments

Customizing your room with some fun and unique window treatments is an easy way to spice things up. Your window treatments say a lot about your style, and they can really make or break the design of your room. Whether you want to go with a roman shade for a simple and effective way to shade your room or long flowy panels to create an elongated and light feeling, window treatments are important.

Roman Shade

Roman shade is a simple shade that stacks up even when opened and hangs smoothly when closed. It’s a very smooth and sleek look. You can also go with the relaxed roman shade that has a slight curve at the bottom to give a little more flair to the typical roman shade style.

Tie-Up Shade and Trim

This casual window treatment can make a room feel nice and cozy. Because you need to tie these by hand to raise or lower them, it’s usually best to put these treatments in a room that you won’t be consistently tying and untying them.

Long Panels and Valance

Long panels on your windows will elongate your walls and make your room feel more spacious. Adding valance and long panels is an elegant way to show off your window. It can also showcase any fabric you choose.

Island-Style Valance

Make your room feel like an island getaway with an island-style valance. This is a unique style that can add to any room. Particularly in a living room, it will allow you to let in light while adding some unique style.


If you want to add a little shape to your windows—lambrequins can do that for you. These won’t fully cover your windows but will provide a style you can’t get with any other treatment. For full coverage, this is not your best option.

Long Panels and Wood Blinds

Going back to those long panels that will make your room look larger, you can also achieve great coverage with wood blinds underneath these long panels. This combination will give you prime coverage, blocking out the outdoor world, with the unique style of long panels.

Café Curtain

For a unique and casual look, a café curtain could be the way to go. Pair these curtains with rings for a retro look. Though this treatment does not provide optimal coverage, it does create a one-of-a-kind design.

Bamboo Shades

For natural beauty look—go bamboo shades. These easy to use shades are made from the natural material of bamboo.

Sheer Curtains

If you’d like your room to feel lighter and brighter, try sheer curtains. This can also help a room feel larger and more spacious—light has that effect on a room.

Solar Shades

These roller shades use fabric that is designed to reduce glare and heat. If you live in a hot climate, solar shades can keep that heat outside. They also look chic!


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