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How to Get Rid of Streaks on Your Glass Dining Room Table

How to Get Rid of Streaks on Your Glass Dining Room Tabletop

A glass dining room table can look incredibly chic and smart, but it instantly becomes an eyesore when streaks appear. 

Kitchen tables withstand plenty of daily wear and tear and traffic — so keeping them sparkling clean and crystal clear can be challenging. Thankfully, there are several things you can do and steps you can take to get rid of streaks and the dreaded haze on your glass dining room tabletop.

Continue reading to learn how you can avoid streaks on your glass dining room table.

What Causes Streaks on Glass Tables?

Before we dive into getting rid of streaks on your glass tables, let’s discuss how they come to be in the first place so you can avoid future streaks. Here are two things that cause streaks on glass:

  1. YOUR CLEANER — Unfortunately, all cleaners are not created equally. Some cleaning solutions claim to be streak-free but fail miserably! One major problem we see is the evaporation rate. If it is too warm, say you’re cleaning your glass table, and the sun is shining in it, the liquids in the solution can quickly evaporate and leave behind a streaky residue. Alternatively, if the liquids are not entirely removed, you’ll be left with a streaky-looking surface.
  2. YOUR TOWEL — The type of towel you are using also plays a major role in whether or not streaks appear on your surface. Instead of removing dirt and moisture, a not-so-absorbent towel will only spread them, leaving behind streaks. Other towels might shed, leaving streaks of dust, lint, and other debris. A previously-used cloth could be contaminated with another cleaner. Even after your towels have been washed, the oils and detergents found in cleaners can remain on them, making them virtually useless for cleaning glass.

How to Get Rid of Streaks on Your Glass Dining Room Table

Well, the best thing you can do to avoid streaks on your glass dining room table is to ensure you have a quality cleaning solution and a soft, clean, and absorbent towel, like a microfiber cloth. You can easily remove the ugly film on your glass tabletop by creating your own mixture. Of course, you can purchase a streak-free solution at the store, but we’ve had great success with our own concoction: 

Mix one cup of warm water and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with one tablespoon of white vinegar in a spray bottle with a fine-mist tip. Lightly mist the table with your solution, then wipe it off with a clean cloth — the vinegar and rubbing alcohol solution with cut through film and haze and leave a streak-free shine.

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With these tips, you can keep your glass dining room table streak-free!

For all of your Salt Lake City glass needs, look no further than the experts at Murray Glass. Our professionals can help you with whatever glass project you have in mind: a kitchen table, shelves, mirrors, windows and walls, shower doors, repairs, and more. If you are in a Northern Utah city and want an experienced and knowledgeable team that is dedicated to getting your project done within budget and on time, contact us to talk to a specialist today.

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