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How to Make a Space Look Larger Using Mirrors

How to Make a Space Look Larger Using Mirrors
Mirrors really come in handy when you’re trying to get ready for the day, or are wondering how that top looks with those jeans. But besides helping you look your best, your mirrors actually serve a few different purposes. For one, your mirrors can help take your smaller apartment or home to a larger one. Here’s how to make a space look larger using mirrors.

Floor Length

Using floor length mirrors are a great way to make your space feel taller, even if it’s actually not. Because of their shape and the light, your eye naturally moves upward, and from there the eye will continue to travel around the room. The reflection will also help to brighten the space which makes for a lighter, bigger space. Don’t be afraid to use them on their own or even behind a grouping of furniture.


If you’re not ready to spend money on one large mirror, try going with an eclectic look by grouping together smaller mirrors. You can make the variety work, or try painting the frames all the same color. This will help brighten any wall in your home and create interesting decor.

In the Kitchen

Most people don’t think to use mirrors in their kitchens, but it is a great way to make this area of your home look larger. First, try putting a mirror behind your stove which is typically a very dark area. It’ll make the space more enjoyable, make it easier to see, and it’ll feel like you have more working space.

You can also use a mirror as part of your backsplash to make the kitchen look larger. You can make the most of your counter lighting or utilize natural light.

Another way to make your kitchen look larger is by adding mirrors to your cabinet fronts. Whether you hire a glass expert to do this or go with a DIY approach, it’ll reflect light and the rest of your kitchen to get the feeling of a bigger space.

Lastly, use a large mirror next to your dining room table. You’ll feel like you’re sitting down to dinner at a table set for 20 rather than 4, and you’ll be able to use softer lighting while still seeing what you’re eating!

Besides using mirrors to make your space look larger, you can also use glass in other ways to really open up your space. Try replacing exterior wood doors, with glass panel exterior doors or adding custom etched glass doors. Art glass entry doors or decorative etched glass interior doors are also a great way to creatively use glass and make your space look larger.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate glass or mirrors in your space, let Salt Lake City’s leader for glass in both homes and businesses help you change your spacer. Murray Glass can turn any new or existing piece into a masterpiece with their high-quality glass and mirrors. Contact them today to get a larger space.


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