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How To Preserve Your Glass

How To Preserve Your Glass

It’s no secret that glass can elevate your home’s look. If you boast glass shower doors and walls, you’re likely the envy of your entire neighborhood. But do you know how to preserve your glass? Keeping it in top shape is essential to ensure it lasts decades to come. 

Stay tuned to learn about the different types of glass. 

How is Glass Made?

Most glass is a mixture of silica and alkali. Experts generally add other materials, such as metal oxides, to achieve other working properties and decorative effects. They can shape and decorate glass during the manufacturing process. Once it cools down, an artist can embellish its surface by cutting, etching, engraving, or applying decorations through enamels or gliding. 

If taken care of, glass can survive hundreds of years. Find out how to maintain yours.

Common Glass Problems

Your glass’s composition can affect its durability, as it might contain physical impurities. For instance, your windows or shower doors may be weak as a result of the annealing process, which can result in cracks. Annealing is the controlled cooling of hot glass, which allows every part of it to cool at an even rate. 

If you own valuable glass dishes, such as antique wine glasses, you should avoid putting them inside your dishwasher. High temperatures, pressure water, and aggressive detergents can attack your glass’s surface and result in an opaque effect. 

If your glass contains metal mounts, avoid getting water on its crevices so that it doesn’t corrode. Professionals generally lacquer these mounts to prevent tarnishing, so you should avoid using solvents while cleaning. Furthermore, some experts attach them with plaster or adhesive, which are prone to water and solvent damage. 

Glass Cleaning Techniques

The following cleaning tips work on windows, mirrors, shower doors, and other glass items. We recommend you remove all valuable jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and watches before you begin. Look for the following:

  • Signs of crizzling, which is a blemish on a glass’s surface due to roughening or crumpling
  • Metal mounts
  • Previous repairs
  • Flaking or lifting enamel decorations (clean the glass around the enamel, but keep swabs away from the edges of the decoration)

If your glass is in healthy condition, you can proceed with cleaning it. Do the following:

Step 1: Dip your item into a bowl of warm water, if applicable. You can dip items such as glass dishes. 

Step 2: Wipe over your glass’s surface using a wool-cotton ball to lift dirt. You can also use a long-handled hog hairbrush for hard to reach areas, such as the top of your windows.

Step 3: Rinse the item with clean water by dipping it into a bowl of lukewarm water without detergent. Alternatively, you can wipe it down with a damp swab. 

Step 4: Blot the item dry with paper towels.  

Murray Glass Can Help

Preserving your valuable glass is a must to keep your home looking elegant. However, you can’t plan out when an accident may occur. At Murray Glass, there’s no chip, break, or crack we can’t handle. If you live in Salt Lake County and need a glass repair or are searching for professional glass door installation, we’ve got your back. Schedule your consultation today

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