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How To Protect a Glass Table

How To Protect a Glass Table

Glass tabletops have been a modern classic that can create light and spaciousness wherever you incorporate them. Glass tabletops are popular for coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, tv stands, and patio furniture. They are a fast way to bring updated style to your home or office, without a major remodel or extensive budget, since glass furniture has a decidedly modern feel. Glass furniture has a plethora of other benefits as well, such as light distribution, decreased weight and visual clutter, easy cleaning and sanitation, and sharp design lines. 

If you have a glass table, or you’re considering incorporating glass furniture into your home, it’s important to educate yourself on keeping your glass table safe and protected. Glass is not as durable or weight-bearing as other materials such as wood, stone, metal, or brick, but that doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of glass furniture shattering constantly.

Today Murray Glass is sharing 5 important tips with you for protecting your glass tables, glass tabletops and surfaces. 

  1. Location. Keeping a glass table in a poorly lit area is almost guaranteeing injury or breakage. Instead, be sure your glass table is located somewhere with lots of natural light so that it’s clearly visible to everyone. In addition, consider moving glass tables away from high-traffic areas or those with small children that will increase the risk of cracks and chips. 
  2. Coasters. It’s just good manners to use coasters when placing a drink on any surface, but with a glass surface, it’s even more critical. Be sure to get enough coasters for everyone to use, and get coasters with a cork base so that any sliding or bumping won’t damage your tabletop. 
  3. Covering. Covering your glass table with a tablecloth for meals or general protection is a smart idea to prevent scratching, staining, and other damage from occurring. Set a soft cloth tablecloth on your glass table and hold it in place with a nice centerpiece while the table is in use, then remove for display when the activity is complete. 
  4. Rubber Pads. Use rubber furniture pads on the legs of your glass table to absorb shocks and vibrations that can occur due to slammed doors, jumping, or other jostling activity. These rubber pads can prevent jarring motions that could potentially shatter your glass tabletop, as well as holding your table firmly in place from any bumps or pushes. 
  5. Clean Regularly. Dust or fine particles of dirt can actually scratch the surface of your glass table, especially if left for long periods of time and encountering pressure from cups, books, plates, or décor. Clean your glass tabletops weekly with a soft microfiber cloth to remove any particles from the surface of the glass and let dry thoroughly for a streak-free shine. 

Although glass tabletops can seem scary, they’re an excellent choice for any home seeking increased style and a lighter visual footprint. Murray Glass can help you use glass to create a home that works for you. 


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